Dual Evaporator Training

dual evaporator training
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December 15, 2015

A refrigerator with dual evaporators are becoming more and more common as the pricing continues to drop for the average consumer.  Brands like LG, Samsung, GE and Kitchenaid are all making free-standing refrigerators that come with two separate evaporators, whether they are designed as a french door or side by side.  So why buy a refrigerator with dual evaporators?  Fresher, longer lasting food which means more money being saved daily on groceries.

Sub-zero, a high-end refrigerator manufacturer, has been building refrigerators with dual compressors for many years.  Sub-zero refrigerators are known for getting the most out of your fresh food by restricting the mix of dry and humid air between the refrigerator and freezer compartments.  This concept keeps your fresh food lasting longer while lessening the impact of freezer burn on the customer’s frozen goods.  One negative of the Sub-zero design is that instead of using two evaporators, they use two compressors, the engine of the sealed system.  Compressors cost more to build than evaporators and require additional components to operate correctly, which also increases the cost.  This issue, along with several design choices, cause the average Sub-zero refrigerator to run $8,000 or more.  The average consumer has not been able to afford this feature until the last decade when the dual evaporator concept was launched.

With less expense, the average consumer can now purchase a refrigerator with this feature from $1,800 – $3,500 depending on brand and model.  This means that over the next decade, service technicians are seeing these more and more in the field.  Fred’s Appliance Academy is offering a one week sealed system course to cover the basic principles in defrost and sealed system repair, and they will also cover dual evaporator replacement on Samsung and Whirlpool models.  Housing is included along with lunch for the 5-day training course.

Ensure that your technicians have the best, multi-branded training available in the country and register today!

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