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December 1, 2015

More and more appliance repair companies are struggling with microwave repair throughout the country.   The average technician is under the assumption that most microwaves are throw-away items.  Yes, the average outlet store microwave is not worth repairing when it only costs $69, but what about the built-in or over the range microwaves?   These products will range from $199 to $4,000!  This does not include the installation costs since these require a professional contractor to deliver and install.

A lack of training will cause higher than normal repair bills for consumers due to technicians ordering “everything” when they are unsure of how it works or how to diagnose the issue.  Also it is extremely dangerous to lack proper training when working on microwaves, where in some areas there is over 4,000 volts of electricity running through the wiring!  At Fred’s Appliance Academy, we have microwave repair down to a science and these fundamentals will apply to all brands and models, including Samsung and LG.

We have created a brand new one week course that focuses on microwave repair and appliance electrical theory.  So not only will the student learn how to properly diagnose a microwave issue, they will also learn about how electricity moves through all appliances.  Each student is going to get hands-on opportunities to apply the lessons we teach them in our classroom.  For appliance electrical theory, students will learn how to properly use analog and digital volt meters while also building their own circuits to test and verify.  We are going to show you how to properly diagnosis a power issue or when to determine if a customer needs an electrician to repair the issue they are having.  These techniques will apply to any appliance type you will experience in the field.

Along with appliance electrical theory and microwave repair, we are going to finish the week diving deeper into understanding and reading properly a variety of wiring diagrams that you will see in the field.  It’s nearly impossible to diagnose an electrical issue with an appliance when the technician cannot determine how power is flowing through the product.  With the guidance of one of our instructors, we will walk the student through a few different models, including Samsung!

Now we only have one training location due the specific requirements we have to make sure that our students get the most out of their training experience, but this course includes housing at Fred’s Flats!  Each flat comes with a full kitchen and laundry that is shared with one other student, but you do get your own private bedroom.  A majority of the apartments at the Flats are occupied by other students, creating one of the best learning environments for appliance repair in the country.  Also each Flat has access to our private Roku channel with over 150 training videos from across the industry.

Don’t pass on the next microwave repair again and attend our next microwave course!

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