Cooking with Appliances

Cooking with Appliances in the Hot Summer Months

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No one wants a hot kitchen when it’s hot outside. But everyone still wants to eat! The right recipe, the right appliance and the right cookware are the answer to the problem. Whether it’s an old wives’ tale or a proven fact, many cooks believe turning on the oven also heats up the house. Why not save those recipes for …

Cooking with Appliances: Making Delicious Vanilla Sauce

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Vanilla sauce is the perfect fit if you are looking for a delicious sauce to go over french toast, ice cream, bread pudding, or almost any other dish that could use some additional sweetness. And when you are cooking with appliances like a beautiful Samsung five burner gas range, cooking it is easy. Vanilla Sauce Ingredients: 2 cups Heavy Cream 1/3 cup Sugar 1 …