How to Replace Your Frigidaire Refrigerator’s Run Capacitor

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If your Frigidaire refrigerator is no longer cooling, a lot of different parts could be the underlying culprit. However, once you’ve made certain that the refrigerator is still receiving power, which you can do either with a multimeter or by testing the lights and fan, the run capacitor and compressor is one of the first areas you should check for …

How to Replace the Gasket Around Your Refrigerator Doors

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The older your fridge is, the less likely it is to be energy efficient either due to older, less efficient parts or due to breaks in the seal. One of the most common air leaks in fridges is through the gaskets lining of the refrigerator doors. These strips of rubber and plastic keep cold air from escaping but can get torn or …


How to Replace The Door Switch on Your GE Refrigerator Model GTE21GSHSS

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If the light is out in your GE refrigerator model GTE21GSHSS and a new bulb didn’t fix the problem, you are most likely dealing with a malfunctioning door switch. Luckily, replacing your fridge’s door switch is an uncomplicated repair, and should only take a few minutes. To help you accomplish this do-it-yourself project, we’ve created an easy to follow the guide below. …