How to Replace Your Broken Dryer Buzzer

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January 6, 2020
Dryer Repair

Dryer buzzers are, traditionally, one of the loudest sounds a household appliance will ever make. However, there are many families and solo professionals who rely on that buzzer to keep laundry moving efficiently. When the buzzer goes off, you know it’s time to move everything forward and fold in front of the television for a few minutes during your brief time at home to get chores done.

So when your buzzer stops buzzing, it can really cramp your style. The good news is that you don’t have to replace the whole dryer just to get that useful alert sound back. Today, we’re here to walk you through the surprisingly easy replacement of your Whirlpool brand-family dryer buzzer. 

Get It Together

The first step to any appliance repair is to prepare for the repair itself. You’ll need to gather your supplies so you can perform the repair from beginning to end without having to rummage for the right screwdriver halfway through. You’ll also want to make sure you have exactly the right replacement buzzer part by checking the part number for your dryer’s make and model. Here’s what you need:

  • Replacement Buzzer
  • Screwdriver (Both Types)
  • Hand Towel or Cloth
  • Work Gloves (optional)

Safe Startup Procedure

Next, you need to get your workspace set up and safely secured.

– Unplug the Dryer

Because this is an electrical repair, you’ll want to start by unplugging your dryer. This ensures that you don’t get a shock when changing out the electrical components of the old and new buzzer.

– Pull the Dryer Away from the Wall

Now pull your dryer away from the wall and/or turn it. You’ll need plenty of room to stand behind the dryer while accessing the upper back panel. 

Open Up the Back Panel

You are now ready to begin the repair. Get behind your dryer and identify the metal panel that backs the top controls.

– Remove the Mounting Screws

With your screwdriver, remove the screws that mount the back panel to the control panel housing. Set these screws aside, as you’ll need them later.

– Remove the Back Panel and Set Aside

Carefully pull away the back panel using your cloth. Sometimes, the edges of this panel can be sharp and you do not want to grip them tightly with your bare hands. Work gloves can also keep your hands safe from an accidental cut. Set the panel aside next to its screws. 

Remove the Broken Dryer Buzzer

Now it’s time to remove the old buzzer from the housing so that you can install the new one.

– Remove the Buzzer Knob or Button from the Front

Start by removing the buzzer knob or button from the front, if applicable.

– Identify the Buzzer Component From the Back

Trace the buzzer button to the exact location in the back. Models often have the buzzer in a different location, so this is the most reliable way to find the right part. You can also match it to the appearance of your replacement part. 

– Disconnect the Wiring Clip

Pull the wiring clip free from the old buzzer, you may need to press a release catch to do so cleanly.

– Unfasten the Mounting Screw(s) of the Old Buzzer

The Old buzzer will be mounted with one or two screws. Use your screwdriver to remove them and set the screws aside. You may need them in a moment.

– Remove and Discard the Old Buzzer

Now you can remove the old dryer buzzer and throw it away. If you have electronics recycling nearby, this may be a better choice. 

Install the New Dryer Buzzer

With the old buzzer gone, grab your new buzzer and make sure all of the packaging is fully removed. 

– Connect the Wiring Clip

Start by connecting the wiring clip to the back, just as the previous buzzer was connected. This is easier to do while the buzzer is not yet fastened.

– Align the New Buzzer In Place

Align the new buzzer into place. There may be a second screw point or a small lip or clip that slots into a hole where the top of the buzzer should go. Make sure that one or both screw holes are aligned with the mounting points inside the control panel.

– Fasten the Mounting Screw(s)

Fasten the one or two mounting screws firmly so the new dryer buzzer is held in place.

– Return the Buzzer Knob or Button

Finally, if you removed the knob or button, return it know to the front of your dryer panel. Facing the correct direction. 

Reassemble Your Dryer

With the new part installed, you’re ready to close up your dryer and see if the repair worked to satisfaction.

– Close the Back Panel

Grab the back panel and align it into place, ensuring that the mounting screw holes line up with the dryer panel housing.

– Fasten the Back Panel Mounting Screws

Use the screws you set aside to re-secure the back panel firmly so that it does not wiggle or rattle.

– Push Your Dryer Back Into Place

It is now safe to push your dryer back toward the wall. Be careful with your dryer duct tubing, which will need to remain un-crumpled as you push the dryer. 

Test Your New Buzzer

Ready to test your dryer buzzer? Let’s see if it buzzes with a quick test-run.

– Plug Your Dryer In

Plug your dryer back in. With the back panel reattached, there is no longer a risk of electrical damage.

– Run a Short Timed Dry

Set your dryer to a very short 5-minute timed dry session. Let it tumble for a few minutes or, if you have a knob-setting, ease it over to ‘Done’ for an even faster test.

– Enjoy Your New Buzzer Sound

Finally, you get to hear that sweet wall-piercing sound of your dryer buzzer, good as new.  


If you just heard your dryer buzzer, then congratulations! You have just completed a home repair that would normally require the assistance of a professional repair service. You are one step closer to professional handy-person and can fix dryer buzzers (or disconnect buzzers) for all your friends. If you’d like more home repair guides and tips on how to keep your home appliances in tip-top condition, contact us today! Or you can explore our blog for additional step-by-step repair guides.

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