The 10 Best Microwave Brands in 2024

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June 3, 2024
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There are plenty of microwave brands available, but the ten we list below are undoubtedly among the best. From the early pioneers in the space to those taking the industry forward with the latest cutting-edge tech, we outline exactly why these brands are the leaders. 

Whether you’re looking for a microwave that can handle the demands of a busy commercial kitchen or one that can fit seamlessly and stylishly into your newly renovated kitchen, there will be a brand listed below that’s perfect for you.

Here are the ten best microwave brands in 2024 based on search trends and social/forum discussion trends and #tags:

1. Panasonic

Panasonic microwaves are renowned because they solved a problem that had long plagued the microwave industry—uneven heating. Panasonic achieved this with its patented Inverter Technology, which continuously adjusts the power while running to keep it at the optimal level, ensuring food is cooked evenly and faster. Now, many other leading microwave brands have incorporated similar inverter technology, but Panasonic was the pioneer.

2. Breville

Breville makes some stylish-looking products, and their microwaves are no exception. Most models have a sleek, brushed stainless steel finish. Since people usually sit their microwaves on a countertop or somewhere else visible in the kitchen, looks are an important consideration for many people, especially if you’ve recently renovated! But Breville microwaves are not all style and no substance, they also cook, reheat, and defrost very well.

3. Toshiba

Toshiba microwaves are elegantly designed and packed with the latest technology. They look great in any kitchen, especially the black stainless steel models, and their cooking performance won’t disappoint. Sensors inside detect how much steam is produced and automatically adjust the power for optimal results. Many of the newer Toshiba models allow you to microwave, bake, air fry, and grill all in one, making them incredibly versatile.

4. LG

LG microwaves offer exceptional performance and a modern design. No space is wasted in your kitchen since these appliances are small and compact, yet retain a large capacity. The latest LG microwaves boast some nice features, including ‘Fermentation,’ which uses low, consistent heat to help you make yogurt or kombucha. They also steam remarkably well, allowing you to prepare perfect vegetables, shrimp, and more.

5. GE

Leading home appliance brand GE is known for producing reliable and long-lasting products. Their microwaves are no different, with an expected lifespan of around 5 to 10 years, depending on how frequently you use yours and how well it’s maintained. GE specializes in sleek, modern-looking over-the-range microwaves and countertop models that can be built-in or hung, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into any kitchen.

6. Samsung

In a study by J.D. Power, Samsung took the top spot in the over-the-range microwaves category, ranking #1 for customer satisfaction and beating all the other leading brands on this list. With so many happy customers, they must be doing something right. Perhaps it’s the scratch-resistant, ceramic enamel interior that’s a breeze to clean. Or maybe it’s the smart features that people love, allowing you to remotely adjust the cooking time, ventilation, lights, and more from a smartphone.

7. Whirlpool

Another heavyweight when it comes to home appliances, Whirlpool makes an excellent range of high-quality, reliable microwaves. Whirlpool offers a variety of sizes and colors to ensure you can find one that suits your kitchen, including over-the-range, countertop, and built-in models. Their standout features include sensor-based cooking, tap touch controls, steam cooking, and more.

8. Commercial Chef

If you’re looking for a budget brand that still delivers decent results, Commercial Chef is an excellent option. With many of their models coming in at under $100, this brand offers some of the best value for your money on this list. While you might not get all the bells and whistles of the premium brands, Commercial Chef microwaves still do a perfectly good job when it comes to the basics: Making popcorn, steaming vegetables, defrosting meat, and reheating leftovers.

9. Solwave

When it comes to the commercial sector, Solwave is a leading player, loved for its durable, stainless steel microwaves that can handle the demands of the busiest restaurants and cafes. Solwave’s commercial-grade microwaves are built to handle up to 150 uses per day, heating up meals, soups, and entrees quickly and efficiently. The stainless steel interior and exterior also make them very easy and quick to clean, as they need to be in a demanding commercial kitchen.

10. Sharp

Sharp offers countertop, built-in, and over-the-range microwaves that are available in a variety of finishes, wattages, and sizes to suit your specific needs. The company boasts sales of over 130 million microwaves globally over the last 60+ years, meaning they’ve been around since microwaves first became available to the public. Sharp continues to be a leading, innovative microwave brand, with cutting-edge features like sensor-based heating that automatically adjusts for precise cooking and defrosting.


Every one of the brands we listed has a proven track record when it comes to producing top-quality microwaves. If you’re looking for a microwave with the latest features, such as smart, sensor-based heating, or air frying and grilling capabilities, these are the brands that can deliver for you.

You can find all of these brands at major retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Best Buy. And their products all come with at least a one-year warranty and attentive customer service if you need it.

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