Appliance Repair: Knowing where to look

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A lot of homeowners take pride in their ability to figure out a problem on their own.  The determined do-it-yourselfer is a creature worthy of respect by anyone, however, there are often certain intangible aspects of Appliance Repair that are difficult to learn without having had a lot of experience in dealing with the quirks of even the most well-built appliances.

Consider these experiences that some folks have had when attempting to diagnose and repair their own appliances:

  • When the slider on a zipper breaks off in the dryer and you can hear it grinding, but can’t see it, do you know where to look without loosening a bunch of screws and knocking the drum out of balance?
  • If the refrigerator on your ice maker stopped working, have you accidentally over-tightened the water supply, causing a leak that’s even worse than the lack of ice?
  • Have you ever replaced a perfectly good microwave simply because you couldn’t figure out how to fix the door latch and release mechanisms, or broken them completely due to relentless over-tinkering?

Fixing your own appliances often seems like something fairly simply, right up until the point you realize that you’ve gone and done something that put you in completely over your head.

Fortunately, there are appliance service and repair professionals like those at Fred’s Appliance who have the training and experience to go about things simply, without causing an even more expensive repair or, in the worst cases, a complete appliance replacement.

If, however, your need to diagnose and fix those seemingly easy breakdowns gets the best of you – and then you end up in a real bind when something unexpected has you scratching your head – don’t worry.  You can still contact us for some help.

Turn the “Newbies” into “Do-bees” with an Appliance Repair Class

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If you own or manage an independent service repair company and you know you need to hire, but finding personnel with the exact skills you need is proving difficult, consider sending your new hires to an Appliance Repair Class at Fred’s Appliance.

While the perfect new hire is something that every business owner, large or small, would love to encounter, the odds are that the newest employees will require some amount of training in order to be fully up to speed.  Of course, you’re hiring people with the right outlook, basic skills and personality necessary to do the work.  While you’re waiting for those employees to develop by riding along with more experienced technicians, you’re missing out on opportunities to field more calls and grow your business.

At Fred’s Appliance, we offer an Appliance Repair Class that will provide your new hires with the skills they need to be effective in the field in just 3 weeks.  Our training program leads to the NASTeC (National Appliance Service Technician Certification) exam. Students will also be offered the opportunity to take PSA Certification.

Tuition for the class held at our location includes the 3-week course, over 200 appliances to work on, and a furnished flat to stay in with cable TV and its own kitchen and laundry.  You can see photos of our training classes on our Facebook page.

Accelerating your new hires up the learning curve is rewarding for the employees and beneficial for your business.  They’ll gain useful, practical skills in much less time than would be necessary just by trying to watch someone else do the work, and you’ll gain assurances that the instruction is being delivered by people who are as good at teaching as they are at troubleshooting and repairing.

Having professionally trained and certified technicians in your business is a significant competitive advantage.  Contact us Fred’s Appliance to learn more about our Appliance Repair Class and our experience with turning novice employees into qualified professionals.

Dryer Appliance Repair For When You Really Need It

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Years ago, it seemed that most everyone hung their laundry out on the clothes line. The laundry smelled wonderful and just the thought of it brings back memories of a simpler time in life. However, times have changed and most people own a dryer to take care of their laundry needs. While memories of air dryed laundry may seem pleasant, it’s not the most convenient method of drying your things. Bad weather, a playful dog and even air pollution can make that laundry not so fresh.

When your dryer breaks down, it’s imperative to find dryer appliance repair that is fast, affordable and efficient. Most people don’t even have access to a clothes line and for those that live in gated communities, apartment buildings or with a roommate, it’s just not feasible. Laundromats are expensive and not very convenient, especially if you don’t have transportation; you need your dryer fixed and in a hurry.

At Fred’s Appliance we know how important it is to get you back up and running. We service every make and model and can order parts the same day 90% of the time so that you have less time without your dryer. We’re not only locally owned, we’re a family owned business as well so we know how important it is to give the best customer service possible.

Life doesn’t stop when our appliances do so contact us if you need help with your dryer or any other major appliance. We take care of all parts of Cuyahoga, Lorain, Geauga, Ashtabula, Lake and Portage counties in northeast Ohio.

Avoid Washer Appliance Repair with a Little Maintenance

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Washer Appliance Repair can get costly in a hurry. Not to mention the inconvenience of a breakdown. You can avoid some of the expense and hassle with a little routine maintenance.

Check the water fill hoses: As time goes on, these hoses will weaken and can burst dumping large amounts of water all over the place, possibly adding water damage to your home on top of the repair bill. Inspect your hoses from time to time. Often a blister will form in a weak spot just before it bursts. Most manufacturers recommend changing hoses every five years. You also have the option of buying stainless steel hoses which although more expensive, last much longer than rubber ones.

Make sure your machine is level: A machine that isn’t level can bang like crazy during the spin cycle. If one of the machine’s legs isn’t touching the floor, the machine can rock so hard it will actually “walk” across the floor possibly damaging anything around it. An off kilter washer can easily shake itself apart as well. Washing machines come with adjustable legs that allow you to level it perfectly, thus saving a lot of damage later.

Check your lint trap: Most machines dispose of lint right down the drain; however, there are some models that feature a lint trap. Check your owner’s manual to see if you have a trap and keep it clean if you do. A dirty lint trap can prevent your washer from draining properly.

Even with good maintenance, there will occasionally be a need for repairs. When that time comes, contact us and let our highly trained, very professional technicians get you back up and running in no time.