Zen and the Science of Appliance Repair

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Not too many years ago, the American made clothes washer came in two pieces: a large, square galvanized tub and a wooden board with legs and a corrugated metal surface that usually hung from the local hardware store’s ceiling. In reality the clothes washer was the poor woman who had to spend hours lugging hot water to fill the thing, then more hours on her knees bent over scrubbing clothes, then even more hours hanging everything out to dry on the clothes line out back, hoping the sun would stay out and the birds stay away.

The art of washing clothes, cooking meals, cleaning dishes and keeping food cold has evolved into products that have made our lives so much easier and, frankly, things we can’t live without. Anyone whose refrigerator has lost cooling ability knows first hand how life almost grinds to a halt until the thing is repaired.

Finding a reputable appliance repair company, that hires and trains knowledgable,honest, professional repair technicians is as essential today as knowing a good auto mechanic. Sure, you can find someone on Craigslist or the local free paper want-ad section who will fix your machine for a song. But in this business, you get what you pay for. You want someone working on your appliances with world-class training, who can honor all manufacturer’s warranty work, and become a friend whose business you can trust to take care of any repair needs you may face for years to come.

There is a science to appliance repair long kept secret from the general public, buried in ancient wisdom and made known here for the very first time. It is not enough to know your fridge started leaking water when you turned on the ice maker, so you went on YouTube and watched how some guy with a screwdriver changed the icemaker for a new one. So you buy another icemaker, install it like the guy in the video, only to discover several hundred dollars later the thing is still leaking all over the kitchen floor. What they don’t show you on the video is the hidden science behind the repair. What they don’t show you is that a leaking fridge can also be a clogged up condensate drain that exhibits the very same symptoms as a leaking ice maker.

You can watch a video of a Cleveland Clinic surgeon replace a heart mitral valve, but unless you knowwhy the valve is being replaced, and how to do the replacement using techniques they pioneered, you could be making a costly mistake. Appliance repair CAN BE rocket science. That’s why you need a specialist.

Fred’s Appliance was born to solve all your appliance repair needs. Our technicians are trained to track an appliance problem to its source. They can read electrical meters to make sure proper voltages are applied in electrical circuits the way they should be. They understand symptoms the machine is showing, can diagnose noises, can observe and calculate machine behavior, can repair the thing to manufacturers specs. When it comes to fixing your broken appliance, we take out all the guess work and get it fixed right. Contact us right away and let us get to work for you.

Range Appliance Repair 101

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The central hub, the heart of a home is the kitchen. Aside from the refrigerator, the next most important appliance in the kitchen is the oven/range, and invaluable item in a home. Everyone needs a range and replacing one can be costly, therefore, maintenance is crucial.
Here are some examples that it’s time for some range appliance repair from the experts. The main components of a range are the oven and broiler. When the heating elements break, they are easily to detect but not so easy to repair.
The broiler element are black tubes as thick as pencils. When they are hot, they glow in red, and when they are broken, they remain cold and black, possibly burnt out and need replacement.
If the oven doesn’t heat up, the heating element or broiler may be broken or burnt out requiring replacement. However, if the entire unit, the grill, range, or oven is not heating, it may be an electricl problem which requires attention from professionals.
Door Hinges:
The door hinges, although not as important as the heating elements, are pertinent to a good working range. When the door hinge is broken, the door may not seal properly allowing heat to escape rendering the range/oven inadequate. Replacing the hinges is easy, but finding the parts may not be.
With over 16 years experience, Fred’s Appliances are here for you. Current serving customers in five counties of Northeast Ohio.
Contact us for help today. Our experts at Fred’s Appliance are standing by.

The Day the Fire Trucks Came for Appliance Repair

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According to a March, 2012 article by Consumer Reports, over 65,000 fires happened in homes across the country between 2002-2009 due to appliance misuse or malfunction.

Imagine coming home from the supermarket or a night out at the movies and dinner to find the Fire Department parked in your yard, hosing down the remains of what was once your home. It’s everyone’s nightmare.

Appliances can catch fire for a number of reasons. Here is a partial list:

   *Animals. Pet owners need to be aware refrigerators can be a dust and hair magnet. Over time the condenser coils underneath the fridge can suffer a build-up of animal hair. If that hair is not routinely brushed or vacuumed out your fridge can’t ventilate heat properly, causing it to run hot. Rodents love to hide beneath fridges, dishwashers and ranges, often burrowing in appliance insulation, chewing wiring, even getting lodged in fan blades. Exposed wiring can cause electrical shorts and consequential fire. Inspect your home for signs of mice or rats and take proper steps to eliminate them. Remember, if they’re crawling around underneath the dishwasher or range, they’re also scurrying around on top of your countertops in the dead of night.

*Improper Installation. Some appliances have not been installed properly. Range power cords may be attached too loosely to the range terminal block, causing voltage to arc when the range is in use. Dishwasher electrical connections may be loose. Dryer vent hoses may not be up to code, causing lint to be trapped in the hose. A factory-trained technician can inspect your appliance for proper installation and make vital corrections if needed.

*Misuse. Leaving a range unattended while it is cooking or in a self-clean. Going to bed with the dishwasher running. Throwing something flammable in the microwave. Failing to clean grease filters in the range hood. Failure to clean dryer vents.

   *Manufacturing Defects. More than 7 million dishwasher units have been involved in recalls over the past five years because of fire, including 2.5 million GE dishwashers in May 2007. There are known safety issues with some appliances and homeowners are often unaware they may have a potential fire hazard in the house. Consumers need to protect themselves. Call Fred’s Appliance to schedule a routine checkup of your appliances, along with an analysis of what you own to make sure all factory-issued recalls have been performed.

*Lack of Routine Maintenance. Like anything mechanical, appliances require routine maintenance to function at peak performance. Dishwasher sumps need to be cleaned out. Refrigerator coils, filters, gaskets and safety checks need to be dealt with. Range electrical wiring checked. Washers and dryers evaluated. A trained technician can inspect your appliances and get them back in safe, premium working order.

Avoid the possibility of a future catastrophe in your home. Contact us for routine appliance repair , and enjoy worry-free peace of mind.

Appliance Repair for Home Sellers in Cleveland

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If your home is on the market, don’t overlook appliance repairs when you are showing your home.Appliance repair in Cleveland can be accomplished with one call to Fred’s Appliance, and can help your home sizzle during showings.

Many homeowners tend to overlook minor repairs such as a burner that doesn’t work on a stove or a refrigerator ice maker on the fritz, but minor repairs can give buyers pause when looking at your home. Most appliance repairs can be accomplished in one visit, and can make your home look more appealing to buyers.

Are appliances included in home sale?

Many home sellers include the appliances in the real estate transaction, but some choose to take the appliances with them. Even if the appliances are not included, it helps the home show better to have the appliances in working condition. However, many home sellers do not want to bother with the cost of moving appliances and having them re-installed in a new location. Custom appliances can also present a challenge when fitting in a new space.

Keep appliances humming with repairs

Serious buyers will turn on stoves and clothes dryers to make sure the appliances function properly. Common repairs for gas stoves include cleaning the burners of debris so the gas can ignite properly. For home buyers, the latest in stainless steel appliances will not matter as much as if the appliances work properly.

For clothes dryers, lint can build up over time and keep the dryer from functioning properly. Cleaning out the dryer vent on a yearly basis can keep the dryer humming for years, and will also reduce the risk of fire. Another common repair for refrigerators is fixing an ice maker, especially the built-in ice makers on refrigerator doors. Contact us today to help your appliances return to tip-top shape to sell your home.