How to Replace a KitchenAid Light Lens Gasket 3184533

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December 20, 2017
Oven Repair

The light in your oven needs a seal to help protect the inside of interior walls from heat damage, and it protects the lightbulb from the moisture and heat generated in the oven. This small gasket can wear through or get dirty over time, so make checking it part of your checklist for servicing ranges and making small repairs. If it’s breaking down and no longer sealing. replace it with part #WP3184533 and follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the range or flip the circuit breaker. Even if you’re just making minor repairs, removing the power helps ensure that you won’t get electrocuted and also helps prevent any sparks that could damage the range.
  2. Remove the oven racks so you can access the back of the oven.
  3. Open the light lens compartment. This is located in the back top corner of your oven. Unscrew the cover over the light bulb and set it aside. Then pull the cover out.
  4. Replace the gasket. Remove any fibers of the old seal remaining on the cover until the edge is completely clean. Then work the new light lens gasket over the lens until it fits into place around the bottom lip of the seal.
  5. Retighten the light lens in the corner of the oven.
  6. Put the oven racks back into position and plug the oven back in.

Preventative maintenance like fixing gaskets and sensors before a major malfunction is a key to prolonging the life of your Range. Go to Fred’s Appliance Service for more repair procedures and major appliance tips.

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