What Appliance Repair Parts You’ll Need for a Range Repair

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February 18, 2016

When an appliance in your home isn’t working as intended, you have several options for how to proceed.

1. You can replace the appliance completely, which is costly. Sometimes, this is the most secure option for a thoroughly broken appliance.

2. You can call in a professional appliance repair service to find a solution for you. This is the best option for those who lack appliance repair knowledge.

3. You can do some research, order some appliance repair parts, and charge in with your wrench and screwdriver, ready for action.

Which option you choose depends heavily on your skills and your experience.

For example, we would never recommend that you tear your range apart if you have no experience with such a process.

However, for those who are cavalier and experienced enough to try to repair their own range, here are several common range parts that you may need to complete the process.

– If the burners aren’t lighting on your gas stove, you might need burners or igniters.

– If your electric coil range burners fail to heat, you likely need a brand new burner.

– If your burner switch stops working, you will need a new switch to return the range to its former glory.

– For cosmetic reasons, if your drip pans are old and ugly, replace them with new versions.

– For a gas range, if the oven stops heating, it might just be a fuse. Or, in the worst-case scenario, it might be the range igniter.

– For an electric range, if the oven element is not heating, it might have gone bad.

Pro Tip: For most of the above problems, you need an electric multimeter or tester. It’s never wise to replace items without proper electrical troubleshooting first. Trust us, it will save you lots of time and money.

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If you are having appliance troubles that you can’t remedy, please contact us today at Fred’s Appliance. Our factory-trained, in-home service professionals arrive with plenty of experience, and professional uniforms.

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