3 Common Refrigerator Problems That Can Affect You

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October 17, 2013

When most of us think about the kitchen, the first thing that usually comes to mind is what we have inside our refrigerator. It is quite difficult to image a world without the conveniences of this amazing machine. Just like every other machine that works for us today, refrigerators have their own problems and issues that can occur at any given time during its use. It is safe to say that a malfunction or issue with your own refrigerator will severely inconvenience your daily routine.

While some of these malfunctions are rare cases, most refrigerators have a number of common problems or issues that arise on a more regular basis. These are the kind of problems that appliance services hear about on a daily basis. In order to educate you on the more common ordeals, we have given you 3 of the more common issues that you will come across while using your refrigerator. This will help you diagnose the problem quickly and ultimately lead to a quicker solution.

Help There Are Puddles Everywhere

One of the more common sights you may see in or around your refrigerator is puddles of water. If you see water underneath your refrigerator, it is probably coming from the line to the fridge’s ice-maker. You will be able to find a shutoff switch near the sink or close to the basement. If the puddles occur inside the refrigerator, it is probably the result of a drain tube that has been clogged. The best way to remove this clogging is to inject a mixture of warm water and bleach directly into the drain plug. If you just cannot find the source of the leaking, it would be advised to rather leave the matter to professionals. They will have the expertise and experience to locate the problem in no time.

My Light Won’t Come On

In order for your refrigerator to keep your food at a constantly safe temperature, it would make sense that it runs on a continuous basis. A common problem occurs when you open the fridge and see that the light hasn’t turned on and the inside it much warmer than usual. The problem here is that there is no electricity getting to your fridge. Once you know this is the case, it is best to keep your fridge door closed and prevent anyone opening it. Check the circuit breakers in case anything has tripped. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, the power cord may be defective.

My Fridge Is Sweating

This occurs when condensation builds up on the inside or outside of your refrigerator. If the sweating occurs within your device it is usually the door seals that are the problem. Check them to see if you can find any obvious damage. If condensation occurs on the outside of your fridge, it can mean a whole host of problems.  You should also check to be sure your energy savings switch (if your model has one) is in the OFF position.  When energy savings is switched to OFF, a mullion heater becomes energized.  This helps prevent the unit from sweating from the big temperature difference between the freezer and fresh food section.

Always remember that there are fantastic appliance services there to help you fix your problems, you don’t need to suffer alone.

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