Appliance Repair Cleveland: Knowing When Your Stove Needs Repair

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January 5, 2017

For many homeowners, their stove is the appliance they use the most when cooking. It is then important that your stove stays in working order so that you are not left without a way to prepare your meals. Just like any appliance, a cooktop will require occasional maintenance and repairs to keep it in optimal working condition. Fortunately, your appliance will give off signs indicating when it is in need of repairs. Here are a few of the signs you can look out for indicating that your gas or glass electric stove may be in need of appliance repair in Cleveland.



Signs That Your Flat Glass Electric Cooktop Needs Repairs


  • Cracks in the Glass Top: While glass cooktops are made to be durable and withstand the stress of regular use, heavy objects falling on your cooktop, such as a pot or a pan, can cause your glass stove to crack. If this happens, it is important to have your stove repaired right away.


  • Burners Not Heating Properly: Over time, regular use of your electric stove can cause its components to break down. This most commonly will result in your stove not heating properly. You may find that a burner suddenly gets too hot, or does not get hot enough. This could indicate problems with your stove that need addressing immediately, such as a failed part. It is important not to ignore these problems, as they could indicate serious electrical problems that, if left unchecked, could start a fire in your home.


  • Dials Are Not Working: Perhaps the most obvious sign indicating problems with your stove is when you turn one of the dials and nothing happens. However, do not assume the worst and write your cooktop off as dead. This may be a sign of wiring problems, or something more simple. Having your stove looked at professionally could be beneficial.



Signs Your Gas Stove Needs Repair


  • Rusted or Corroded Burners: This visible sign of damage is easily detectable to the naked eye. If you notice that one or more of your burners appear to be discolored, try cleaning them with soap and water as the discoloration could be the result of caked on food and other grime. However, if washing does not fix the problem, then the discolored burners are likely corroded and need to be replaced. Corroded burners will not function properly, and can easily start a fire, making it important that you have your stove repaired.


  • A Single Burner is Not Working: Another sign that your stove needs repair is if a single burner does not work. When a single burner won’t light, this could indicate problems with the wiring to the burner, or the burner itself. Either way, you will want to have this issue seen to, as you want to ensure that your stove is not at risk of starting a fire, or leaking gas, either of which could be hazardous to you and your family.



There are many signs you can look out for indicating that your stove is in need of repairs. However, what you should be on the lookout for will depend on the type of stove that you have. For this reason, we have only been able to scratch the surface of the list of signs you can look out for indicating problems with your cooktop. Contact us to learn more about the specific signs you can be on the lookout for depending on the type of stove you have. Knowing these signs can help prevent you from making the costly mistake of accidentally replacing a repairable stove or range.

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