Appliance Repair Tips: Don’t Let A Leaky Washer Ruin Your Day

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February 25, 2016

The normal wear and tear your washing machine experiences throughout the year can lead to a number of malfunctions. Unfortunately, one of the most alarming problems appliance owners encounter is a leaky machine. Finding a puddle, big or little, near your washer is never a pleasant experience, however, it does not necessarily mean your appliance has reached the end of its lifespan. Before writing off your current washing machine and investing in a new one, we suggest checking off these 3 problems from your list of possible malfunctions.

An Unbalanced Washer

When your washer isn’t sitting level on your floor or the pedestal you’ve built for it, the whole appliance will shake during the spin cycle, which can lead to water escaping and accumulating on your floor. Fortunately, fixing the problem doesn’t require a call to your local washer appliance repair company, instead you’ll need to re-situate your washing machine so it is no longer unbalanced. While doing so, be sure to use a leveler; otherwise, you may end up with the same issue.

Clogged Drain Hose

A blockage in your drain hose interferes with your washers ability to empty. Luckily, most clogs are not difficult to dislodge. Getting started, simply involves softening the blockage with hot water. Once that’s done, grab a straightened wire hanger and fish out the debris which is obstructing the drain hose. Finally, run the water to completely rinse out the hose.

An Overabundance of Soap

People often believe more is better, but when it comes to detergent more can actually create a sudsy mess. Venturing away from the suggested detergent amount, and overloading your washer with soap can lead to clogged overflow tubes. You can easily avoid this problem by sticking to the recommended amount of soap, and remembering more detergent does not equal a cleaner load of laundry.

If your washing machine is leaking and the problems suggested above don’t solve the malfunction, please contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you diagnose and repair your appliance.

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