Appliance Repair Tips: Keep Your Clothes Looking New With 9 Simple Laundry Do’s and Don’ts

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May 22, 2014

Pulling your favorite shirt out of the washer or dryer to discover it shrunk or the colors faded can be extremely frustrating. Unfortunately, laundry disasters are commonly caused by human error. While that may not be the most comforting news, it does mean you can avoid future mishaps by following some basic washing and drying instructions.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Laundry

  • First and foremost, you should always read the washing directions provided on the label of your clothing. While you may think this is unnecessary, the opposite is true. The instructions are there for a reason and will help you keep your garments looking new instead of worn from multiple washes.

  • Using cold water rather than hot water is a better choice when it comes to cleaning your clothes. Not only do you save energy, but you’re also not causing your fabrics unneeded stress from an overexposure to heat.

  • Grouping light clothes and dark clothes together may save you time, but doing so can lead to the discoloration of your lighter garments. While your time is priceless, having to throw away clothes due to staining will ultimately put a strain on your wallet.

  • Your washing machine and dryer have special fabric settings for a reason, and not taking advantage of them is a huge mistake. If you choose to wash a fragile piece of clothing on a setting meant for towels, the garment will surely wear out much quicker.

  • Never overuse detergent. Follow the directions in your owners manual or on the detergent bottle. Excessive detergent use can damage your clothing.

  • Avoid over drying your garments. You will end up shrinking your clothing, and you’ll use more energy than needed.

  • Consider turning your jeans and colorful pants inside out during a wash cycle. Overtime, this keeps them from fading.

  • If a piece of clothing is labeled dry cleaning only, do not wash it at home. The same goes for badly stained items. If you believe normal stain fighters won’t do the job, avoid experimenting and take the garment straight to a dry cleaner before it ends up ruined.

  • Properly maintaining your washer and dryer is key to preserving the quality of your clothes. Regularly cleaning both appliances will help ward off the need for appliance repair and keep your most precious garments safe from washer and dryer malfunctions.

If you’ve noticed your clothes are coming out of your washer or dryer damaged, even after you’ve followed the above instructions, please contact us. Unfortunately, an appliance defect may be the cause of your recent clothing mishaps.

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