Appliance Repair: Troubleshooting A Gas Cooktop’s Electrode

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October 5, 2015

With so many appliances in our homes, it’s surprising that there isn’t a total crash every day. Especially considering how much we use our appliances on a regular basis.

Stoves, ranges, and other kitchen cooking appliances are on the top of the appliance repair list, but what about those who use smaller, more efficient versions, like gas cooktops?

Continue reading to discover some important troubleshooting tips for your gas cooktop’s igniter.

– Electrodes are often the first thing to go on a gas cooktop, as many other gas cooking fixtures often outlast the electrode. Sometimes it’s as simple as the electric wire connected to the flame source. Check to see if this wire is loose or damaged before proceeding.

– Be sure that the electrode is cleaned using mild soap and water.

– Last is a problems due to moisture. Often when we cook or clean moisture penetrates below the cooktop’s surface. This unwanted wetness stands a good chance of preventing the igniter from clicking, thus impeding a flame’s presence. When this type of problem happens regularly, wires can short and melt.

Correcting problems due to igniters isn’t as difficult as some other problems that can be found in your kitchen. But it’s important to always follow proper safety procedures, like unplugging the cooktop and turning off the gas, before ever attempting them on your own.

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