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September 14, 2016

We have all had issues here and there with our microwave, our washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc.  However, there are some warning signs that we should all be aware of so we will know how to avoid having a small problem turn into a major problem. Some repairs are so costly that it will just be better to replace the entire thing. Thankfully, there are times when we can catch the problems in time so the repairs will be smaller and more affordable.

There are some appliance issues that many homeowners have, and we want you to be aware of some of the common appliance problems.

A Leaky Refrigerator

When you open your refrigerator, do you see puddles of water inside it? Is the water usually under the refrigerator drawers? If so, you will need to have the defrost drains of your freezer unclogged. This is not a difficult process, and an experienced appliance service repair technician can easily do this for you. When your freezer’s drain is unclogged, you will be able to save your food from being spoiled and ruined. You will also save your floors from being ruined with a leaky refrigerator.

Why Are My Clothes Still Wet?

When your dryer stops, you expect your clothes to actually be dry, right? Unfortunately, sometimes the safety coils in the dryers will break down. It does not take much for a dryer coil to break. Many people will see that their dryer is working effectively and they will leave for a certain period of time. However, when they return and remove the clothes from the dryer, they discover that all of the clothes are still wet. If the safety coils do not get replaced as soon as possible, you will soon discover your dryer will not work at all because it will not be able to heat up.

An Ice Surprise

If you have an ice maker, we know you enjoy being able to enjoy a nice cold beverage whenever you are ready. However, it is important to keep an eye on the ice that is in your glass. If you notice any flakes in your ice, it could be that your water filter needs to be changed. The good news for you is that you do not need to call anyone to do this for you. You can easily change your water filter without assistance. However, if you notice something that looks worse, you should contact an appliance repair service to inspect the problem.

Warm Food And Drinks

When you open your refrigerator to get a beverage or a snack, you do not expect everything to be warm, right? There are different reasons why this could be happening. When you contact a professional appliance service repair company, you can find out the issue right away so you can be advised on the proper steps to take. You do not want to constantly throw away food because your refrigerator is not cooling properly.

When we purchase appliances, we always wonder how long they will last. We know that there are always chances that something could go wrong. However, when we know some of the common warning signs we will be more prepared to take the right steps because we will have some idea of what the problem may be.

If any of your appliances are giving you problems, you should not just automatically think it is time for a new one. Sometimes the problems can be easily fixed. Whenever you are looking for an effective appliance repair service, you should not hesitate to contact us. You may not have to get rid of your favorite appliance.

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