What is a Closet Depth Washer?

closet depth washer
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April 25, 2016

What is a closet depth washer?  Or better yet, what does it mean to a consumer?   Whirlpool is the first brand to use the term, but it’s not a new concept.  As consumers demand larger capacities, the space has to come from somewhere.  A typical washer is 27″ wide and about 36″ high.  These dimensions have been standard in US construction for years so appliance manufacturers are hesitant to change these dimensions for fear that consumers will be unable to purchase the new washer due to their existing laundry specs not accommodating the new sizes.

A way around this is to add to the depth of the washer.  For the last decade, some manufacturers have added 4-6 inches to the depth of their washer designs.  Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung, and LG have models that are deeper than washers that were built 15 years ago.  Electrolux is one of the few that have maintained the normal 31.5 inches for a front load washer.  Whirlpool’s closet depth models are the same as the old Electrolux design and are using a consumer friendly term to help customers narrow down their search for a washer that will fit their tighter space.  Here is a Whirlpool spec sheet to show the differences.

Of course, Electrolux decided to launch new laundry that is a half inch deeper than their traditional models.  One of these days, I hope that the appliance industry will come up with standard sizes for everyone to follow so we can make it easier for consumers to find a new refrigerator for their home!  Until then, we recommend you always measure the height, width and depth of your current product before you shop.

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