Common problems with Whirlpool appliances

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November 25, 2013

The Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances such as fridges, stoves, washing machines, microwaves etc. Their headquarters are in Michigan, United State of America. The company employs 70,000+ people and revenues last year totalled $18.4 Billion.

Like all manufacturers products (indeed, all things designed and built by humans), problems occur with their products, due to misuse, faulty parts or general ware-and-tear.

Below are just some of the common breakages and problems that occur with whirlpool products.

  • The Whirlpool Duet washer has been known to shred clothing washed inside of it. This is caused when clothing gets caught between the edge of the drum and the rubber seal and tears, pulls and chews the clothing.
  • A buildup of mold that occurs faster than other manufacturers, especially in tumble-dryer appliances.
  • Another problem with tumble-dryers is the internal sensor designed to switch the machine off when clothes are dry will switch off the machine after only on item of clothing among many is dry.
  • Washing machines do not agitate the washing powder properly. This leads to clothes not being washed properly and also washing powder stains on clothes, requiring another wash to properly clean the clothing as well as remove the ugly stain
  • The ice manufacturer in the Gold series refrigerator often gets a build-up of ice that occurs more quickly than other fridges from other manufacturers.
  • Freezers that are part of the gold bottom series seem too often over freeze products placed inside them. This produce then gets freezer burn and has to be thrown away.
  • Problems have been known to occur whereby the fridge is undercooling and the freezer is over cooling.
  • The drainage hole at the bottom of freezers is small; often a piece of ice or anything small and solid will block the hole causing the freezer to become packed with ice. This hole is also difficult to reach, which makes fixing it quite a chore.
  • Despite (apparently being stainless steel), rusting has been known to occur on the doors of fridges and freezers when the products are still under their warrantee (aka they rust fast).
  • The main water gasket in dishwashing machines has been known to break soon after purchase, often flooding the kitchen/area with water.
  • Moisture in the dishwashing machine (MDC4650AWW) model often gets into the electronics compartment of the machine, causing rusting and short-circuiting of the electronics.
  • The Plastic handles on microwave products have begun to disintegrate or break for no apparent reason; this problem is often spoken of.
  • The self-cleaning feature on ovens often stops working or breaks the oven whilst it is cleaning. This happens when the oven overheats and blows the thermostat and fuse of the oven.
  • Temperature fluctuations within the oven have been very common. One will place the oven at a needed temperature only to find that the food inside is being either cooked too hot or too cold.

The temperature sensor in the geysers (water heaters) often stops working, this means that the water inside often is not more than luke warm.

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