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dryer appliance repair
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November 3, 2015

Some people have never purchased a new dryer.  There was a man who purchased his first dryer for five dollars.  The seller believed it to be beyond repair, so they purchased a new one and were looking for someone to haul this one away.  Sites like Craigslist are full of these dryers.

The man sold that dryer to a friend fifteen years later.  You read that correct.  That dryer, already deemed “beyond repair” lasted another fifteen years.

The notion that dryer appliance repair is too expensive to hire out and too complicated to do yourself is a myth.  This myth is the reason many people break their budget and even go into debt to buy new appliances.

The truth is, repairing a dryer is not complicated.  With a little know-how, it becomes a simple task.  Since it is not a difficult task, cost of hiring a qualified repair man is much easier on the budget than buying a new dryer.  Furthermore, for those with a little time, a one week course in basic repair can not only help in keeping your own dryer going, but it may be the first step in a rewarding career.

The real question is not, “Do I bother repairing the dryer,” but “where do I start?” Do not let your starting point be the place that sells brand new dryers and is more than happy to get you into debt to boot.  Contact us to learn more about our repair service or our one week course in Dryer repair!

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