Dryer Appliance Repair: What to Check for When the Dryer’s Drum Doesn’t Turn

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January 2, 2014

In the world of dryer appliance repair, the drum no longer turning is one of the worst problems due to the dryer becoming completely useless. But as with all appliances not too old, it can be easily fixed so it’s workable for the winter season. A professional should be hired to replace any parts, though you might be able to guess what part went out. With several different parts around the drum, you may not be able to see them without some help.

The Drive Belt

This is usually the most common thing to go out when your dryer drum stops working. As belts do on cars, these can wear out over time. They wrap around the drum and also around the drive motor. When the belt breaks, a good way to check is by spinning your drum by hand. If it starts spinning easily around, the belt is likely broken.

In some model dryers, there’s also a belt switch that prevents the dryer from even starting once the belt is broken. Sometimes checking this will tell you that your repair technician has to install a new drive belt. Fortunately, these belts aren’t very expensive.

Drum Rollers

These are the second most common reasons for your dryer drum going out. They can wear out just as easily as a belt and should always be replaced together. Many dryer models have only two rollers, though you’ll find four in others. As with the belt, they cost very little money and can be installed very easily.

Along with the rollers, it could be the roller axles have gone out. These can make the rollers wobble and possibly create a chain reaction of breakage when the axles aren’t working correctly. Axles are also very cheap to buy and can help keep your drum rollers working smoothly for a while longer.

The Drive Motor

This more expensive part can sometimes be the culprit in why a drum fails to turn. One way to tell is testing the motor when the belt is disconnected. The motor should spin without any issue at this point, and one that doesn’t is likely defective. Unfortunately, you can’t lubricate a dryer motor based on its structure, so you’ll have to replace it. While they’re more expensive than the above parts, they last a long time once replaced.

Here at Fred’s Appliance, we want you to have a good working dryer, especially during the holiday season and through the winter. During freezing weather, warming a clothing item in your dryer can be much better than putting on a very cold pair of socks or pants in the morning.

Contact us if your dryer stopped working today and you don’t know where to turn. We’re here to provide affordable repair done right.

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