Getting a Microwave Appliance Repair

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March 24, 2016

Microwaves get used quite often, making them quite susceptible to suddenly retire their duties. When this is the case, are probably due for a Microwave Appliance Repair in order to get your quick dinner meals hot and ready on the table.

The dilemma can be something as simple as a burnt light bulb, in which case, you would simply replace the light bulb. However, other times, the issue with your microwave may be something more serious, and due to the high voltage capacitor your microwave has, it is extremely hazardous to replace any electronic component. Note that even when the appliance is unplugged, you are risking serious electrical shock. Therefore, the best thing to do is contact a professional to pinpoint and repair the problem.

Turning on, but not heating

Your microwave has very high voltage powering the magnetron. If the magnetron burns out, it will need replacing.

Turning on, then shutting off

If your microwave begins to cook your food, but turns off after a couple of seconds, you may have a failing door switch(es) or the door is not making proper contact with the door switches.  The purpose of a microwave interlock switches is to cease the cooking when the door is open and, likewise, to begin cooking when the door is closed. Therefore, when you have a failing switch in your microwave, it will not work correctly, thus the reasoning behind it randomly shutting off.

Turning on by itself

Is your microwave randomly turning on without your permission? Likely, the cause of this is a defective control board, which will need replacing.   This is extremely dangerous and requires immediate attention.  If a microwave runs with nothing inside, it will begin to arc and could cause a fire.

If you are in need of any microwave repair, please contact us to set up an appointment.

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