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March 22, 2017

We have all heard something that we believed was true, only to find out later in life that it was false. Fortunately, many people know how to spot a myth when it is being told. Usually, people know how to spot the myth because it will usually sound very silly. What do you actually do when the myth sounds silly and possibly true at the same time?

With all the myths floating around in the atmosphere, it is not surprising that there are myths about appliances that we use on a daily basis. We want to help you learn as much as you can about appliance myths so you can be prepared for what may be ahead.

Microwave Radiation Can Hurt Me

This is probably one of those myths that you have heard since you were a little kid. Someone may have told you that if you stand too close to the microwave that the microwave radiation could make you sick.

Yes, microwaves do need radiation in order to cook your food, but you can only be harmed by the ionizing radiation produced by something like x-rays.  Microwaves produce non-ionizing radiation and you will start to cook before you get radiation poisoning.

Since you will never get into your microwave, you do not have to be afraid of the microwave and what it could do to you.  If you think you may have a problem with your microwave’s door, you should have it inspected and repaired if possible.

When your appliances are not operating properly or if you are not sure how to maintain your appliances, it can be a good idea to seek the services of an appliance repair technician in Cleveland. You want your appliances to be around for a long time and you want them to work properly, especially when you need them the most.

Contact us today if you are in need of an appliance repair.

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