Make Sure Your Appliances Don’t Let You Down, Contact An Appliance Service

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November 25, 2016

We want to create a picture for you: You have just come in from a long, hard day at work. You hit the floor or the couch and rest for a few minutes. You finally get up and head to the refrigerator because if you do not get some food in your body, you are going to pass out. You get to the refrigerator to grab some food and a cold beverage, but nothing is cold. Your cheese is melting, your milk is warm, and your food is starting to smell.

Well, so much for that snack, right? What about dinner? Your head is already throbbing from a hard day’s work and now your refrigerator is giving you trouble. You needed your refrigerator at that moment, and what did it do? It let you down. Isn’t that how it works. Your appliances can let you down right when you need them the most.

We know that many people like to troubleshoot their own devices before calling an appliance service. If you do choose to attempt a troubleshoot, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Your Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

The Coils

If your refrigerator’s coils are dirty, you will refrigerator will not be able to cool down as easily as it used to. It will be much harder for your refrigerator to cool because of the dirt and dust living on your coils. When your refrigerator has to work overtime to cool down, it will become warmer than usual, resulting in what you experience when you opened the refrigerator after being at work. In order to remove the dirt and debris on your coils, you can use a duster to clear everything.

The Seal

Have you ever taken a look at the seal on your refrigerator doors? If you have not, you may want to take a look. The refrigerator’s seal could have tons of food articles or any other things that will cause the cold air to sneak out of your refrigerator. You can wipe the seal down with a warm cloth in order to effectively get rid of the food particles and whatever else may have made your refrigerator door a home.

Since you have discovered problems with your refrigerator, you may want to check your other appliances. If there are any problems with your other appliances, you want to make sure you catch them before it is too late.

Here are some common problems with other appliances that you always want to be aware of:

Your Dryer

How long does it usually take to dry your clothes? Do you think it takes too long, or do you think it is normal? Sometimes when drying clothes takes too long, it is because of a clogged vent. If your dryer’s vent is clogged, your dryer will not be able to do what it is supposed to: dry your clothes.

Sometimes you need to call a professional appliance repair technician to have him thoroughly clean your dryer. You should also check your power outlet. You would be surprised at how many times a power outlet is the cause of dryer problems.

As you already know, winter will be here soon. You want to make sure all of your appliances are in excellent shape for the winter, especially if you will plan to have family and friends over for the holidays.

It does not matter if you need a small repair, large repair, or if you just need maintenance, at Fred’s Appliance we have the right people for the job. Contact us today if you need to get your appliances in working order.

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