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July 8, 2016

Remember the good old days? Not so fond memories of yesteryear include telephones with cords attached to them, record players that skipped and scratched during listening, and (gasp!) television with only three channels! Hard to believe that network tv was literally the only game in town at one point. Of course there was PBS, but that involved far too much learning for the most part. Also included in that slightly less than nefarious list is drying your clothes on a clothesline outside.

All in all, the process of using a clothesline for drying took somewhere around 100,000 hours, or so it seemed. Plus, you had the added benefit of having your unmentionables hanging out there for the entire neighborhood and more to see. And what happened if an unexpected thunderstorm struck? If black clouds or anything in the sky looked like it contained even the mere threat of moisture, there was a mad dash for the clothesline to try and reel everything in before an even more thorough soaking occurred to everything you were attempting to dry.

Using a clothesline does have some nostalgic appeal, but who needs that today? For instance, some argue that a clothesline delivers a warmth and freshness that an electric or gas powered dryer can’t quite replicate. Well, unfortunately, there’s just no time for that sort of imagined nicety in today’s rat race. A slight whiff of sunshine can be quickly deemed unnecessary that literally 500 different things have to be accomplished during each and every weekday. Then, the weekends come and there’ just simply no time to rest still. School and work may take a back seat, but the social calendar takes over with play dates for the small kids, driving lessons and weekend jobs for the big kids, and parents get to make sure everybody gets there on time.

These days our lives are packed with multiple jobs, multiple kids needing to be transported to multiple events, and multiple meals being cooked on top of it all. Every once in awhile, we even need to squeeze in some time to ourselves, so there is simply no time to hang clothes outdoors and wait all day for it to dry before we can put it away. We’ve got to make full use of our washer and dryer appliances, so we can get on with our lives. What happens when the dryer breaks though? Few of use have a clothesline anymore at the ready to hang the clothes up. Even if we did, would any of us actually use it. Most of us might not be able to able to actually hang it up without hammering our own thumbs into a tree instead of the clothesline. Plus, even if you get the clothesline put up, now you have to go find clothes pins. Where on God’s Green Earth do you get clothes pins anymore?

That’s when it’s time to call a qualified and skilled appliance technician for dryer appliance repair“Fred’s Appliance” offers the best appliance repair services in the Lake Geauga, Ashtabula, Portage, Lorain, and Cuyahoga OH areas. Fred’s Appliance consistently receives five start reviews from many clients. We offer online scheduling, technician tracking, online appointment confirmation, and job status verification, as well as high quality repair services to make your experience with us an unmatched one for comfort, convenience, and satisfaction.

Even if you are out of warranty, Fred’s will service brands like Electrolux, GE, Frigidaire, HotPoint, and Kenmore, as well as provide extended warranty service from companies like Lowe’s, Assurant, and Home Warranties of America.

Please contact us today for more dryer repair information or to schedule an appointment for any of the appliance services we offer.

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