Oven Not Heating? How to Replace a Bake Element

Alex HService Comments

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Poor heat distribution is a common issue that can go wrong with an electric oven. Thankfully, we can diagnose the issue quickly. For those that have ovens with sensors, shut the door completely to confirm the oven doesn’t work. If you know your door is working properly, then the issue may lie inside. Confirm that you need oven repair by visually seeing that the baking element is not heating.

If your food is not cooking evenly or you can’t get the oven to heat, you know that your oven is not heating properly. If this is the case, your baking element on the bottom of the oven may need to be replaced. Replacing the bottom element is relatively simple, start by disconnect power to your oven. Pull out the racks, remove the doors, and unplug the bake element.

At this point, unplug the oven from the bottom. There are two screws in the back of the oven holding the heating element in place. Then remove the screws with a screwdriver. Simply plug the new element in at the same location of the old one. Make sure it fits properly.

Once the screws are on tightly, you can push the element into the oven cavity. At this point, all wires are inside the wall and not visible.

Other components can prevent your electric oven from heating to the proper temperature.  Feel free to contact us to get your oven issue diagnosed and repaired today.