Panic Ensues When The Microwave Breaks!

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May 10, 2016

Other than summer vacation with no ideas of what to do with the kids for eight long weeks, is there anything scarier to the American family than when the microwave oven breaks? Probably not because Americans are micro-addicted. We use this bad boy for everything from heating Hungry Man dinners and Lean Cuisine entrees to reheating yesterdays leftover chicken casserole and making Shrinky Dinks on a Sunday afternoon. Do they still make Shrinky Dinks?

Yes, panic may indeed ensue if the microwave breaks down today. What happens if mom is away for a couple days and dad is left to fend for himself and the kids in the kitchen and there’s no microwave available? I’ll tell you what happens. Dinner is going to be at McDonald’s and via online pizza delivery for the entire family until mom gets back. Believe me, you don’t want to know the health consequences of a family of four eating fast food and Little Caesar’s for more than a few days. The risk of diabetes goes up by about a thousand percent and pretty much all physical activity is abandoned for Xbox and Nintendo because nobody has the energy to do anything else. In fact, by the time mom gets home she is likely to find dad slumped over in the La-Z-Boy with drool running down his mouth, the kids mesmerized by the television with a video game controller locked into their hands, and even the family dog rolled over on his back, 10 pounds overweight, and moaning from too many Chicken McNuggets falling into his mouth as table scraps.

So what does one do when the microwave inevitably does break down after being used and abused on about 50,000 separate meal and snack occasions? That’s when it’s time to call for professional microwave appliance repair service. This is not a DIY task you should take on yourself. The layman really has no idea how microwave technology works. One wrong move and you’re liable to receive some sort of gamma ray infection that turns you green and has you breaking open your Van Heusen dress shirt in anger every time one of the kids does something that drives you crazy. Spare yourself the Incredible Hulk drama and call a professional.

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