What Problems Make Range Appliance Repair Necessary?

January 16, 2015
The igniter in a gas stove can eventually burn out.

The igniter in a gas stove can eventually burn out.

If you see an ad for a used range or oven at a great price, you’ll probably be interested in the offer. However, if you’re like most people, you’ll also wonder what could be wrong with it or what could go wrong with it after you buy it. It turns out that a few problems can affect older ranges, but fortunately, many of them are inexpensive to fix. If you experience these issues, just call us here at Fred’s Appliance. We’ll be glad to suggest solutions that will let you get the desired good out of your new find.

One of the most common problems that require range appliance repair is burned-out electrical elements. Electric range and oven elements can last for years, but they eventually burn out. The principle is much the same as that which governs incandescent light bulbs: When the element is heated, it slowly loses material. Eventually, this causes them to get brittle and break when they are heated. Range elements take years to burn out simply because they’re thicker and use tougher material.

You may think you’ll be safe from this problem if you buy a gas stove. Alas, that’s not true of the ones made during the last 20 years or so. These gas ovens usually have a self-ignition system that includes a small electrical element that gets hot enough to light the gas. This igniter, as it’s called, will eventually burn out.

Fortunately, elements and igniters are typically easy to replace. The actual part is quite cheap, but the cost of a service call will add to the bottom line. For this reason, it’s a good idea to learn how to replace range elements on your own. We offer appliance parts so that you can take care of simple repairs yourself.

Other problems that affect old ranges aren’t as simple to fix. If the thermometer or other parts of the control system break down, the help of a professional is often required. That’s because these parts are inside the unit, and it can be dangerous to work there without the proper training. Another issue is diagnosis. Our professionals have all of the equipment to detect the point of failure so that it can be properly fixed.

To learn more about our range appliance repair service or to buy parts for models that are commonly still in use, just contact us. Our services can make a cheap used appliance into a reliable piece of equipment once again.

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