Require Range Appliance Repair Less Often by Using Your Range Efficiently

March 9, 2015
Using your range efficiently will help put off the need for appliance repair.

Using your range efficiently will help put off the need for appliance repair.

If you cook at home frequently, your range will see consistent usage every week. After making a delicious meal, it is rather tempting to relax and forget about the kitchen entirely, but this is often the best and most important time to get in the kitchen and start cleaning.

Knowing how to use your range efficiently will help you avoid range appliance repair, which can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars for replacement parts to replacing the entire appliance.

Electric Ranges Use Little Energy

If you are used to having a gas range, you may not know exactly how an electric range works. It performs quite differently compared to their common counterpart, the gas range, in that it does not use much energy even after a long period of continuous use and it takes a bit longer to heat up.

Gas Ranges Heat Quickly

Going from an electric range to a gas range will require adjustments to be made because of how different they are performance-wise. In most situations, gas ranges heat faster, which means you do not need to wait as long for the range to heat up before you start cooking food.

Use Self-Cleaning after Cooking

Instead of using the self-cleaning feature on a range randomly, you should plan to use it after cooking food because there will already be heat that helps for a better cleaning.

Skip Preheating unless Baking

Most foods that go into the oven do not need to be cooked at a certain temperature the entire time. Unless you are baking, you can put food in right as you turn the oven on, which will reduce the overall cooking time as the food will cook as the oven is heating up to the set temperature.

Whether you need professional assistance with a problem, replacing a part, or just help in general, contact us for additional information on ranges.

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