Save Time and Money By Cleaning These 5 Household Items in Your Washing Machine

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October 8, 2014

If you’re only using your washing machine to clean your dirty clothes than you’re missing out on the convenience of washing other household items in your appliance. Not only will you be saving yourself a lot of time, but you’ll also save a little cash by cleaning objects you might have otherwise thrown away. Listed below are 5 household items that may benefit from a quick whirl in your washing machine.

  1. If you’ve ever looked at your son or daughter’s gym shoes and cringed at the stains littering their once white surface, take a deep breath and head towards your washing machine. Throw the shoes in your appliance and add a few cleaning rags or towels to keep the load balanced. Now all you need to do is set your machine to cold and pour in your detergent.

  2. Your bed is your sanctuary, and while washing your sheets and comforter on a regular basis is most likely part of your routine, your pillows may not be receiving the same service. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. As long as you read the labels beforehand, tossing your pillows in the washing machine is definitely a possibility. We highly suggest washing two pillows at once to ensure your machine stays balanced.

  3. Instead of throwing away your plastic shower curtain due to mildew build-up, give it a good cleaning in your washing machine. Running it through a normal cycle with cold water will save you from making a trip to the store.

  4. The term clean is probably not a word you would use to describe your child’s backpack. Fortunately, if their bag is nylon or cloth, it has the ability to withstand a cycle in your washing machine. Once again, it’s best to wash this item with cold water to prevent any type of melting.

  5. Rather than vacuum your car mats, merely place them in your washer to give them an extreme cleaning. Not only will they look great, but they’ll also smell amazing and act as a deodorizer for your car.

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