Signs That You May be in Need of Microwave Appliance Repair

microwave appliance repair
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August 19, 2016

The microwave, while not a recent invention, continues to revolutionize the way people are able to eat, as they can quickly and easily reheat, or even cook, food throughout the day. However, this means that these appliances see a great deal of use, and can be prone to malfunctions. Yet, many individuals do not realize that many problems with their microwave can be repaired, and choose to instead replace their appliance. The fact is that there are several common problems people encounter with their microwaves that can be easily repaired, saving them money over having to replace a costly unit. Here are a few of the signs that you should consider microwave appliance repair, rather than having the appliance replaced.


Unresponsive Control Panel

A Microwave’s control panel is one of the most heavily abused components on a microwave. Not only do people tend to press the control buttons with too much force, but also, these buttons are also often exposed to food debris and cleaning products, all of which can damage the control panel over time. However, if you find that the control panel on your microwave is not as responsive as it once was, this may not mean impending doom for your microwave. Your control panel may simply need cleaning, or some of the switches may need replacing; all of which can be easily completed by a repair technician.


Slow Heating

People also often assume the worst when their microwave begins to heat slower than it once did. While slow heating can be a sign that your microwave is aging, and may be in need of replacement, it could also indicate other problems with your microwave, such as a bad circuit board. Such circuit boards could be professionally replaced; however, you will want to consider the value of your microwave vs the cost of repair. If you have a lower-end microwave, it may not be in your best interest to have such a costly repair performed. In this case, replacement would likely be your best option.


Runs Intermittently

Electrical problems can be worrisome for homeowners, particularly if their appliance appears to run temporarily before shutting off. This could be another sign of a problem with your microwave’s circuit board. However, it could also indicate that the units power cord may be damaged, which is an easier fix. In this instance, it may then be in your interest to have your appliance professionally looked at to save you the expense of purchasing a new microwave.


Noisy Heating

Another sign you can look out for that can indicate that your microwave is in need of repair is to pay attention to the noises your microwave makes. With any appliance unusual noises are a good indicator that the appliance is in need of repair. Should your appliance begin running louder than usual, and make strange humming or grinding noises, this could indicate that parts in your microwave, such as fan motor, are in need of replacing, and you should consider having your microwave repaired.

When your microwave begins to act up, this does not necessarily mean that your appliance needs to be replaced, as many common issues can be professionally repaired. Microwave repair can be particularly beneficial if you have a high-end microwave, or a microwave you particularly like, that you do not want to have to replace. You will ultimately have to weigh the cost of repairs against the value of your appliance. However, we have only touched upon a few of the repairable problems people may encounter with their microwave. Contact us to learn more about how to know whether to have your microwave repaired or replaced.

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