Signs that Your Oven Requires Appliance Repair

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October 1, 2015

We know that it’s only early fall. But just like that, Halloween will bleed into November, and before you know it, Thanksgiving will be knocking loudly on the door. And what’s the last thing you want to worry about come this Thanksgiving? That you need oven appliance repair services, of course!

So if you suspect that your oven needs repaired before this fall’s big feast, or have a hunch that the clicking noise you hear from the door could lead to bad, bad things in the future, here are some signs that you need oven appliance repair.

Electrical Problems

Some problems are easily worked around, but when an oven isn’t turning on, or is intermittent in how it works, you’ve got a worse problem. To truly get the lowdown on why an oven isn’t turning on at all, call a professional ASAP to diagnose and repair your oven woes.

Burner Problems

A range is more than an oven, it also includes the stove top. So if your burners aren’t turning on, or you rely solely on 3 of the 4, you’ll have an incredibly difficult time cooking, well, anything. This problem includes electric or gas ranges, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Smelling Gas

Older gas ovens required lighting a pilot light, much like an older furnace, so the smell of gas was usually present. New gas ranges, however, shouldn’t emit a noticeable gas smell. If you detect the scent of rotten eggs when you turn on your range, stop using it right away, and contact a professional.

Not all ovens and ranges are created equal. Problems can exist in ovens, large and small, in the open, or hidden behind the metal shell designed to protect you and it.

If you are experiencing problems with your electric or gas oven, it’s time to talk to a professional. Contact us via email, or click here to schedule service through our website today.

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