Washer Appliance Repair-Help! My Washer Stopped in Mid-cyle!

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January 19, 2016

It is disconcerting, to say the least, to find your washer seems to have died in mid-cycle, with a load of laundry inside and a full tub of water.  Although it may seem time to get out a bucket and empty the water yourself, there are a few things to check first that may allow you to continue your laundry plans for the day.

First, check to make sure your washer is still plugged in.  Over time, a plug can become loosened from the outlet, especially since washers have a tendency to move now and then from uneven loads.  Second, check the fuse box to ensure the circuit breaker leading to the washer has not been tripped.  If the washer still refuses to continue, the problem may stem from the lid switch.

Every washer has a mechanism that checks to see if the lid is closed before proceeding into the spin cycle.  Without that mechanism, water would spill out of the washer if the lid was accidentally left open.  Look at the lid of the washer to find a long knob that will correspond to a hole in the top of the washer.  Inside that hole is a lid switch that normally is pressed down by the knob when the lid closes.  Using a q-tip or a flexible plastic straw, press down on the lid switch through the hole.  If you hear a creaking noise and the washer starts to run again, you know the issue probably stems from a faulty lid switch.  Carefully close the lid with the q-tip or straw still pressed down on the switch so you can at least finish your current load of laundry.

When you call for repairs, you can relay to the service personnel that the problem is most likely a faulty lid switch.  If you’ve tested the lid switch and the washer still will not continue through its cycles, the problem could stem from a faulty timer control, motor or pump.   A qualified washer appliance repair person will be able to completely diagnose and fix your washer problem and allow you to have clean clothes again.

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