Washer Or Refrigerator Appliance Repair Advice For The New Year

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December 13, 2016

We know it just seems like this year just started, but a new year will be here before we know it. With a new year arriving, we all have goals that we want to fulfill. When you are considering goals and other resolutions you want to fulfill, why not take a look at your kitchen appliances and determine if your appliances, such as your washer or refrigerator need to be repaired.

You do not want to start your new year off by throwing out an appliance and spending money on a brand new one. If your appliances needs to be tuned up, you should find that out right away.

Your Washer

Some common problems that people face with their washing machines are that they will not fill, they will not drain, or they will not come on at all. If your washer does not fill, it could be because you have a problem with the water levels of the washer.

If your washer does not fill properly, one of your hoses may need to be replaced. If this is the case, you should not try to repair this on your own. You should contact an experienced appliance repair technician.

If your washer does not drain properly, you may have an issue with the drain hose. The drain hose could need to be unclogged, and an experienced appliance repair technician can repair the drain hose for you. If your washer cannot drain the way it is supposed to, your clothes will likely be filled with grime and bacteria.

If your washer does not start when you press the button or turn the knob, you may have some serious electrical issues. Your washing machine is not an easy appliance to figure out, and unless you are experienced with these types of repairs, you should not try to attempt to make repairs on your own. An appliance repair technician will be able to determine the problem and address the problem in the best way.

Your Refrigerator

We all love our refrigerators. Our refrigerators ensure our foods and drinks will remain fresh and safe to eat. If your refrigerator does not work properly, your foods can spoil. Some of the common refrigerator problems include the following: not cooling properly, getting too hot, and making loud noises.

Not Cooling

If your refrigerator is not cooling properly and you have to throw away some of your food or drinks, your refrigerator may have a problem with its thermostat. Repairing a thermostat is no easy feat, and you should let a trained appliance repair technician handle this issue for you.


One of the well-known problems of refrigerators is that some of them can overheat on the outside. As mentioned above, any electrical issue should be taken seriously. If you are not a trained professional, you should not try to repair this on your own. You do not want to cause harm to yourself or others. Call a trained professional to have a look at your refrigerator and determine the problem.

It Makes Too Much Noise

A noisy refrigerator is never a fun thing to deal with. If your refrigerator annoys you because of the loud sounds, you could have a problem with the fan’s motor.

During the end of the year, you will likely create a list of things you would like to complete in the next year. If you want to improve the quality of your appliances without buying new ones, you should call an appliance repair company to diagnose any problems you think your appliances may have.

Do not hesitate to contact us today so we can repair your appliances at an affordable cost.

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