Why Is My Refrigerator Leaking?

refrigerator leaking
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January 2, 2017

When you notice that your refrigerator is leaking inside your refrigerator, you will probably panic a little because you will think you will have to pay a large amount of money to have that leak repaired. If your refrigerator is leaking, it will likely not have a negative effect on your refrigerator’s ability to function properly. However, it will probably cause all of your foods to get soggy.

Since your refrigerator will still operate, you might be tempted to ignore the leaking refrigerator until you feel like calling an appliance repair technician. This will not be a good idea because the leak will not stop until something is done. Leaks will not just disappear by themselves.

Safety Hazards

If your refrigerator is leaking water on your floor, it can be very dangerous. You will risk electric shock or falls if someone does not notice the water on your floor. If your refrigerator is leaking water inside your refrigerator or outside your refrigerator, you will need to address either of those issues as soon as possible.

Where Is The Water Leak Coming From?

A water leak can come from anywhere on your refrigerator. If you can figure out where the leak is coming from, you may be able to figure out what is wrong with your refrigerator. If the water leak is coming from the back of the refrigerator, it could be a problem with your ice maker water valve. The problem could also be due to a faulty water line.

Your Refrigerator’s Ice Maker

If you are like many people who enjoy putting ice in their beverages, you enjoy using your ice maker. As great as your ice maker is, it could be the reason why your refrigerator is leaking. If you are able to, you can make sure all your refrigerator’s connections are secure. If the line that connects to the ice maker is not secure, water will continue to find its way into your refrigerator.

Your Refrigerator’s Drain Pan

If your water leak is coming from the front of your refrigerator, there could be a clog in your drain tube. If your refrigerator is leaking from the bottom, your refrigerator’s drain pan may need to be replaced or you may need to adjust its position. If you can, you should look underneath your fridge where the drain pain is located. Once you get the drain pain, you should pull out the drain pain and check it. If you notice the drain pan has a hole or a crack, you should contact the manufacturer so you can have the damaged one replaced.

Your Refrigerator’s Drain

If your refrigerator is not leaking onto your floor but inside the refrigerator, your defrost drain may be clogged. Since your refrigerator is always producing condensation, it is not unheard of for the defrost drain to get clogged. If the defrost drain is clogged or if it freezes, you can check the manual if you feel comfortable unclogging the defrost drain.

Usually, the only thing you will need to do is pour some warm water over the drain until it unclogs. However, if you cannot locate the defrost drain or if you are not comfortable unclogging it, you can always contact an appliance repair technician who will take the right steps to unclogging it for you.

If you notice a refrigerator leak, but you are uncomfortable trying to troubleshoot it on your own, you should call an appliance repair technician. You should contact someone as soon as you notice the leak because it could be an indication of a problem that you cannot repair on your own.

If you have a leaking refrigerator, whether it is on the inside or the outside, contact us today.

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