4 Ways Appliance Misuse Can Lead to Costly Repairs

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Although you may not realize it, your daily habits are potentially damaging your home appliances. While normal wear and tear will eventually take its toll, misuse will definitely cut their lifespans short. Combining proper use with regular maintenance can extend your appliances’ life and save you money on avoidable repairs. An Overcrowded Freezer Stuffing your freezer to the brim can … Read More

Use Preventive Maintenance and Appliance Service to Maximize Appliance Lifespan


When you buy an appliance, you most likely do not make the purchase with the intention for the appliance to last less than half as long as it should with proper and routine maintenance. It is vital to prevent your initial lack of knowledge from scaring you away from getting professional appliance service. Reading the manual and learning from appliance … Read More

Consider Annual Appliance Service to Maintain Longevity for Your Appliances


Many appliances are expected to last longer than a decade, but in that time there are a lot of things that can go wrong to require repairs, and sometimes complete replacement in severe situations. Instead of potentially dealing with these problems, you should look utilize appliance service on an annual basis as licensed professionals can inspect your appliances to ensure they … Read More

Prevent Holiday Chaos by Properly Maintaining Your Appliances


Appliance malfunctions are never convenient, but they’re even more disruptive when they occur during the holiday season. Whether you’re throwing a festive celebration or you’re having family spend a week at your home, a defective appliance can put a huge damper on your holiday cheer. To help you avoid an unfortunate appliance breakdown, we’ve listed some simple but necessary maintenance … Read More