Cooking Recipes: Delicious Potato Dishes Cooked with Your Jenn-air Oven and Microwave

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Who doesn’t love a loaded baked potato or roasted potatoes? But in this day and age of healthy eating, you probably think you can’t indulge in such cooking recipes. Well, you might be shocked to find out that you actually can devour these delicious side dishes because these potatoes just got a healthy makeover! These recipes are full of Vitamin C, … Read More

Cooking with Appliances: Turn Your Zucchini into a Delicious Desert With an Electrolux Oven

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When it comes to making a delicious meal, the result will be partly due to talent of the cook and partly due to the functionality of the appliance. For example, you try to bake in an oven that doesn’t maintain the right temperature, or gas burners that don’t turn on or work properly, chances are you’re going to make a lackluster … Read More

Cooking with Appliances: 5 Sweets to Make in Your Frigidaire Refrigerator

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The weather is refusing to let up, but you need something sweet now. Because of the outdoor heat, turning on the oven means a miserably hot home and outrageously high electric bill. Since baking isn’t an option, why not try creating some tasty treats in your Frigidaire Refrigerator? There are plenty of perfectly scrumptious desserts you can make without ever touching an … Read More