How to Replace the Door Switch on Your Whirlpool Dryer Model WED49STBW

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Before you retire your Whirlpool dryer model WED49STBW that isn’t starting, you may want to take a look at the door switch. The door switch sends a signal to the control board that either tells the dryer to start or stop, depending on whether the door is open or closed. If the switch is faulty the dryer won’t work. Fortunately, replacing a …

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Laundry Tips That Can Increase The Lifespan Of Your Washing Machine And Dryer

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Families seem to have more laundry to do during the summer because everyone is more active and that results in more dirty clothes. For your family, this means that your washing machine will likely run more than usual. If it happens to break down on you, it could result in you having to spend a significant amount of money on …