Appliance Repair In Cleveland: Maintenance Tips For Your Front-Loading Washer

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laundry tips

Many homeowners love using their front-loading washing machines for a variety of reasons. Front-loading washing machines are not only gentle on your clothes, but they are also very efficient when it comes to energy and its water consumption. Many homeowners got rid of their old top-loading machines for front-loading machines. Just like any appliance we have in our homes, the … Read More

What is a Closet Depth Washer?

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closet depth washer

What is a closet depth washer?  Or better yet, what does it mean to a consumer?   Whirlpool is the first brand to use the term, but it’s not a new concept.  As consumers demand larger capacities, the space has to come from somewhere.  A typical washer is 27″ wide and about 36″ high.  These dimensions have been standard in US … Read More