Panic Ensues When The Microwave Breaks!

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Other than summer vacation with no ideas of what to do with the kids for eight long weeks, is there anything scarier to the American family than when the microwave oven breaks? Probably not because Americans are micro-addicted. We use this bad boy for everything from heating Hungry Man dinners and Lean Cuisine entrees to reheating yesterdays leftover chicken casserole … Read More

Five Interesting Facts About Microwave Ovens

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Originally discovered by accident during World War II, the microwave oven has transformed the American kitchen. Today, countless Americans are microwaving entire meals due to the increased demands on our collective time and energy. Single people use the microwave because it’s uniquely well-suited to quickly heating smaller┬áportions of leftovers, individual frozen meals, and even makes an outstanding bag of popcorn … Read More