Appliance Repair Tips: Troubleshooting A Damaged Oven Door

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Although uneven baking or an inability to reach a desired temperature can be symptoms of a serious oven malfunction, they can also indicate an easy to fix oven door issue. Before you throw in the towel and buy a new appliance, try troubleshooting your oven door with these 4 common malfunctions. The Gasket A dirty or worn out gasket is … Read More

Eliminate Oven Woes with Oven Appliance Repair


An old oven is more likely to cause problems compared to a newer oven, but this does not mean a fairly new oven cannot have any problems at all. It is possible that you either received a flawed model or there is the potential that you instigated the issue by doing something incorrectly. However, regardless of the reason you are … Read More