How to Replace a KitchenAid Light Lens Gasket 3184533

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The light in your oven needs a seal to help protect the inside of interior walls from heat damage, and it protects the lightbulb from the moisture and heat generated in the oven. This small gasket can wear through or get dirty over time, so make checking it part of your checklist for servicing ranges and making small repairs. If … Read More

Oven Not Heating? How to Replace a Bake Element

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If an electric oven is not baking at all.  Thankfully, we can diagnose the issue quickly. For those that have ovens with sensors, shut the door completely to confirm the oven doesn’t work. If you know your door is working properly, then the issue may lie inside. Confirm that you need oven repair by visually seeing that the baking element … Read More

3 Clear Signs Your Oven is in Need of Repair

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Part of being a homeowner is inevitably having to deal with certain appliances around the home breaking down. Hopefully, in most cases, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to fully replace an appliance and instead, you can simply have it repaired for a fraction of the cost. If your oven has been acting up and you don’t know … Read More

The Best Oven to Bake a Soufflé

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Is there really a “best” oven to bake a soufflé? Is one oven better than another for cooking recipes to appease hungry appetites? Because of the sensitive nature of a soufflé, we do not recommend a convection oven under any circumstances. The main reason is the fan that a convection oven uses to evenly distribute heat through the oven cavity could … Read More