cooking with kitchenaid

How to Cook Your Favorite Holiday Meals With Your New KitchenAid Appliance

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Rosemary has never owned a new oven. She has never known the pure joy of cooking with a newer appliance. But Rosemary just won a ton of money at the Ohio State Lottery! She decides to upgrade her home appliances. In particular, because of her love for cooking, she bucks up for 10 grand on a 48-inch, 6-burner, 2-oven, ever-loving monster of …

cooking in a microwave

Ten Healthy Foods to Cook in a Microwave That You’re Going to Love

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When microwaves first came into our homes in the 1980s, we marveled at how it only took a minute or two to warm up soup versus the 5 or more minutes it took on the stove. Then we discovered that you can actually cook in a microwave! There are two great things about cooking in a microwave: Energy-efficient – Microwaves …

Cooking With Appliances: GE Oven Ranges

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GE appliances are known for their high-quality, innovative designs. Regardless of where you live, if someone mentions the GE brand, you instantly know what they’re talking about. This is because people really enjoy using these products in their daily lives. One of GE’s most popular products is their Cafe Range. This range makes you feel as if you’re a professional …

frigidaire refrigerator

Cooking with Appliances: 5 Sweets to Make in Your Frigidaire Refrigerator

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The weather is refusing to let up, but you need something sweet now. Because of the outdoor heat, turning on the oven means a miserably hot home and outrageously high electric bill. Since baking isn’t an option, why not try creating some tasty treats in your Frigidaire Refrigerator? There are plenty of perfectly scrumptious desserts you can make without ever touching an …