Take Proper Action to Avoid Preventable Washer Appliance Repair

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A washer is an essential appliance for most homeowners, especially for larger families that rely on this appliance on a regular basis to continuously clean clothes for the entire family. However, with frequent or infrequent use, one of your main priorities should be avoiding unnecessary washer appliance repair. Place the Washer Correctly When installing the washer, or after moving it … Read More

Appliance Repair 101: Troubleshooting a Washer That Refuses to Spin


There are a number of reasons behind a non-spinning washing machine. Although, some are more serious than others, the key to fixing the malfunction starts with a proper diagnoses. If your machine is sitting idle and the reason why is still a mystery, the troubleshooting suggestions below can help you get closer to the root of the problem. Lid Switch … Read More