How to Check the Coin Trap in Your Washer

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February 8, 2021
Washer Repair

It is never advisable to let small items tumble freely in your washer. It is not so much that they will cause damage, but more so that they will end up deeper in the system and create clogs. Small dedicates, jewelry, and of course, coins can all end up down the washer drain. As such, most washers have installed areas called “coin traps” that are designed to catch them so they do not cause clogs deeper in the system. The issue is that over time these coin traps can themselves become clogged up, restricting drainage. If you believe your washer’s coin trap is full or are looking for a small item that may have been washed, here is how to check your coin trap.

On many front load washers, the coin trap is made very easy to access. There may be a hatch below the door that you can open up. Once open, you need to detach the drain tube, and remove the cap. You will want to have a towel or basin ready to catch excess water. Now you merely need to unthread the filter and remove the debris.

In models without an access door, the coin trap is found deeper in the drainage system by the drain pump. There may be a lower access panel or one on the top of your water, but usually, you will need to remove shell of your washer in order to reach it. The process is much the same getting items from it once you have found it.

Do you have a washer that is retaining water, but a coin trap that is empty? Are you having any other appliance issues? We can help!

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