Whirlpool Washer Error Code F08: What Does It Mean?

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August 9, 2022
Washer Repair

Whirlpool is known for its top-quality appliances, including its washers. To ensure that your washer always performs well, Whirlpool has programmed your washer to display error codes should something go wrong.

While these error codes may seem annoying at first, their sole purpose is to warn you that something in the machine isn’t working quite how it should. That way, you can address the problem before it worsens.

What is a Whirlpool error code?

Many digital appliances, such as the Whirlpool washers, are programmed with error codes. Each error code is unique, and when you look up what the error code means, it will tell you which problem your appliance has. For example, the Whirlpool washer error code F08 informs the user that there’s an issue with the washer’s heater.

At first, these error codes may seem rather annoying because they typically show up at random times. The letters and numbers in these codes may also seem confusing because they don’t tell you much about the problem.

When the error code keeps returning or remains, it’s worth finding out what that code means. If you can’t get rid of the error code, then it’s likely that your machine is in need of repair.

Therefore, ignoring the error code could make the problem worse. As a result, the damage could present a hazard or become more expensive to fix.

Where can you look up Whirlpool error codes?

Sometimes, error codes can be slightly misleading. For example, error codes can differ between manufacturers or the type of appliance they make. Therefore, it’s essential to know what your error code means before you start taking the washer apart to fix the problem. Otherwise, you may waste time accessing the wrong part, only to find that wasn’t the problem.

The appliance manual is the best place to start when determining what your error code means. But if you no longer have the manual, you could try the manufacturer’s website, as this would have the most reliable information.

In some cases, the manufacturer may have uploaded the appliance manuals online. If you can find a copy of the manual, this would be useful because it might also provide you with more information on how to fix the issue with your washer.

What does the error code F08 mean?

In regards to Whirlpool washers, the error code F08 will most likely mean that there is something wrong with the heater’s circuit. The heater is the mechanism that heats the water for each wash cycle.

Can you still use the washer when the F08 error code appears?

In most cases, the washer can still operate when the heater is not working. However, the water will not heat up, and you must select a cold wash.

If you use hot washes quite often, you may notice that your washing powder is less effective if it’s not suitable for cold washes. If you continue to use your washing machine on a cold wash, ensure that you have the correct detergent for the best clean possible. Some enzymatic detergents work in cold water.

To ensure that a hot wash is not selected, put some tape over the button or dial that controls the temperature setting. Doing so will prevent anyone from using the hot water setting, should they forget that the heater is broken.

While it may be possible to use the washer when the heater is broken, you should still check the heater mechanism for an electrical fault. If there is a fault, it could potentially damage other components in the washer. As a result, you may need to fix or replace the heater or disconnect it.

How to fix a Whirlpool washer’s heater

Here is a quick guide on how to assess or fix the heater in your washer

What you need:

  • Screwdriver 
  • Multimeter

1. Unplug the washer from the wall 

Before doing any work on your washer, you should always unplug it from the wall, especially when assessing electrical components such as the heater. 

2. Locate the heater 

When locating the heater, the appliance manual would be helpful because it will tell you where to find the heater (the location may vary for different washers). However, the heater is usually located inside the machine; if you have a front load washer, you will need to remove the top or front panel with a screwdriver to access it. 

3. Check the heater circuit

After you have located the heater, you will need to check the continuity of the circuit with a multimeter. The part will need to be replaced or repaired if there is no current. However, you must check the wires for damage if there is a current. 

Even when there is a current, the error code could be showing because the wires are partially damaged. Damaged wires can be a hazard and should be replaced. 

It would pay to get a second opinion if you cannot find an apparent fault. But in some cases, it might be easier to replace the whole part. 

If you are still using the washer in the meantime, you should disconnect the heater if possible. Doing so will prevent further damage to the machine should there be an electrical fault. 

Where to find a replacement part

You might be able to find a replacement part direct from the manufacturer online. You will need to find your washer’s model number to find the correct part.

If you cannot find a new heater for your washer, you will need to discuss your options with a local electrician who can order parts for you. If they cannot find an exact replacement, they may be able to recommend another part you can install instead.

Alternatively, if you feel confident in doing so, you might be able to replace part of the heater, such as the faulty wires. Once you have replaced the wires, check the heater with the multimeter to ensure they work.

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