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We serviced a
Model WDT970SAHZ0
Near Concord, OH 44077
Jason N
Job Details: 03/22/2023
"Cc unit not washing dishes well enough and water remains on dishes at end of cycleRan diagnostics, no codes stored. Ran test cycle, ensured hot water coming into unit. Test cycle completed, heater turned on at the end. No faults after cycle. Found customer is not using rinse aid. Advised using rinse aid for better drying performance. Started normal cycle, unit filled and started washing. Let run for 10 minutes, noticed several times the diverter did not complete its switch to the other spray, unit was basically pumping deadheaded. Unit would then drain and restart the fill. Unit will need pump/motor assembly replaced. Customer declined repair at this time, estimate only. ; ordrng 1 W11087376 (Pump/motor assembly)"
We serviced a
Model WFG975H0HZ1
Near Concord, OH 44077
Joe O
Job Details: 12/15/2021
"Cc: oven temp not correct, flames too high on simmerFound burner flames too high on simmer. Adjusted. Ran test bake unit averaging 356 degrees. Op test ok"
Concord, Ohio
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