Microwave Repair And Maintenance Advice: Extend The Life Of Your Microwave

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When you think about it, how many things do you put in your microwave on a daily basis? You may use your microwave to heat your hot chocolate or coffee, you will heat up a plate of leftovers, or you may heat up a quick meal for your children when you do not feel like using your oven.

The microwave has become one of the most essential household appliances today, so when the microwave stops working all of a sudden, homeowners will want to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Many of the problems with a microwave you will need to call a microwave appliance repair technician. That is if you feel the cost of the repair is worth it when you think about the original cost of the microwave including installation when necessary.

Since your microwave is one of your favorite home appliances, it is important that you ensure you do your part by using routine microwave maintenance. We want to give you some valuable tips to ensure your microwave has a long life.

Clean Your Microwave

Do you have a hard time cleaning your microwave, especially when the microwave is filled with old food and other grime?  You can place a cup of water inside and turn on the microwave to heat the water enough to create steam.  This can allow food particles inside the cabinet of the micorwave to loosen up enough so you can wipe it down.

Do Not Slam The Door

If you use your microwave on a daily basis, your door will be the most used part of it. You have to open it and close it in order to put things in and take things out. Have you ever opened the microwave door without letting the microwave finish its cycle?

Have you ever slammed the microwave, either intentionally or accidentally? If you have ever done these things, you could be causing a great deal of damage to your microwave. You should carefully open and close your microwave because if you do not, you could damage the latch on your microwave.  When it is time to open the microwave, you should only open it when it is not in the middle of the cycle.

Be Careful About What You Put In Your Microwave

Sometimes we do not think about the items we place in the microwave. We just place them on the turntable, close the microwave door, and turn on the microwave.   Some items are not microwave safe and will cause issues to the microwave and the food you are cooking.

When you regularly maintain your microwave, you will be able to catch small repairs before they turn into something bigger. Sometimes your microwave only needs a good cleaning and sometimes the microwave only needs to have a small part replaced to ensure it will continue working at a high level.

One of the most important reasons to schedule an appointment with an appliance repair technician is because it will give your microwave a longer life. When you purchased your microwave, you expected to be able to use it for many years. When you catch the problems in time, you will be able to enjoy your microwave for many years.

At Fred’s Appliance, we have a team of people who are ready to assist you with all your appliance repairs and appliance maintenance. If you need your microwaved inspected and repaired, you can contact us today. We want to help you make the best decision on whether or not you should have your appliance repaired or if it will be better for you to replace it.

Appliance Repair In Cleveland: Tips On Being Energy-Efficient

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We hear plenty of things about appliances and how we should choose appliances that are energy-efficient. Have you ever wondered if you can actually save money by using energy-efficient appliances? Have you wondered if the things about energy-efficient appliances are actually true?

Well, yes, you can actually reduce a great number of your energy costs by using energy-efficient appliances. Over 30 percent of the energy costs will come from the appliances you use on a daily basis. The appliance that uses the most energy would have to be your water heater. Your other appliances, such as washer, dryer, and refrigerator also use a large amount of energy.

One of the things you can control when it comes to your appliances is how you run them. There are ways that you can run your home appliances so they will be more efficient. Here are some tips you may find useful when it comes to your appliances:


Refrigerators are very energy efficient today compared to 20 years ago.  It can be debated that efficiency has taken priority over longevity but since a refrigerator runs 24/7, efficiency is very important.

Washing Machine

If you want to reduce the amount of energy your washer uses, you should try to run as large a load of clothes as you can. Another useful tip is using cold water. You should also make sure you use the right amount of water for your load of laundry. If you are thinking about buying a new washer, you should strongly consider a front-loading washing machine, especially if you are interested in an energy saver.  Top load designs are more energy efficient but a front load is a more optimal design.


After you complete a load of laundry, you should make sure you remove any lint that may be on your lint screen. Do not place a large number of clothes in your dryer. You should also be careful when it comes to drying the clothes; you want to avoid over-drying your clothes. If you have any clothing items that are heavy, you should not place them in the dryer with the lighter clothing items.


Do your best to keep your oven as clean as it can be. Ensure your oven door is always closed tightly when you are using it. If something can be heated in the microwave, you should try to use the microwave instead, especially for a small job.


Thanks to better water efficiency , dishwashers can be run more often.  Most cycles only 3 gallons or less of water compared to 6 to 8 gallons a few decades ago.

When you do not need to use your small kitchen appliances, you should turn them off or unplug them. Are you aware that many of your small appliances will still draw power even when you are not using them? When you unplug those appliances, you will be amazed at how much money you can save per month and per year.

There are many small things you can do to save money. You can also help the environment by doing your part.

We understand that sometimes appliances will break down and they will no longer work the way we need them to. Thankfully, you can use appliance repair services in Cleveland to get those appliances working again.

If you are trying to be more energy-efficient and you would like to have your appliances inspected and/or repaired to ensure they will give you the service you need, contact us today.

Is Your Dishwasher Leaking?

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My dishwasher has just sprung a small leak and I don’t want to use it until I find out why it’s leaking and if it can be fixed. I am in need of dishwasher repair!  This is something we are used to hearing at Fred’s Appliance Service and we do our best to diagnose the issue.

During the inspection, the service technician noticed that it was extremely cold under the dishwasher. It was an older home and the homeowner said they had not had the time to upgrade the insulation. After a few preliminary tests, the appliance repair technician explained why the dishwasher was leaking and that repairing it would be easy on the wallet. The repair tech went on to further explain that because of a lack of proper insulation, and because it was so cold, water was freezing in the body of the water inlet valve. In fact, there was a thin sheet of ice under the dishwasher.

The question remains: Are your floors and walls insulated enough to keep the warm air in and the cold winter air from entering your kitchen?

What happens when the water inlet valve freezes? A certain amount of water will remain in the fill valve after the dishwasher completes its cycle. Water expands when it freezes and as it does, the valve body, which is mostly plastic, is prone to crack. Eventually, water is spraying all over your hardwood or linoleum floors.

What if the body of the fill valve is intact and shows no signs of wear and tear? The water inlet valve functions to intermittently shoot water into the tub of the dishwasher. Sometimes a defective valve will get stuck in the open position and water will continue to fill the tub with more water than it can hold. Since water inlet valves are not repairable a new part will need to be installed.

If water is leaking from the dishwasher, we need to ask when in the cycle is it leaking, where is it leaking, and why. One method that can help figure out where is to place a sheet of cardboard under the dishwasher. Turn the dishwasher on long enough for it leak. Turn it off, unplug it, and inspect the sheet of cardboard to see approximately which part of the dishwasher the leak is coming from. Sometimes it’s just that simple. For more service repair tips contact Freds Appliance today.

Refrigerator Leaking? Here’s What You Can Do

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When an appliance breaks down, especially in your kitchen, it can be a worrisome situation. Replacing it is often costly, and you probably need it to go about your everyday life. Especially refigerators can be troublesome, as you certainly don’t want to have to throw out all of the groceries you currently store in it until a repair or replacement can be completed. So what do you do if you find that your refrigerator is leaking? Here are 2 options for you.

1) Check Your Inlet Line

Another potential problem for drains could be the line that brings water into your refrigerator. This especially common if your refrigerator or freezer includes an ice maker. Inspect your line by checking for holes or cracks that could be responsible for the leak. If necessary replace it with a new line that you can get for little money at your local home improvement store.

This step is especially crucial if the leak continues after an initial fix. Old lines can break or crack, resulting in continuing damage that will only get worse over time. Fixing it the first time will save you quite a bit of headaches and hassle in the long haul.

2) Contact Professionals

Of course, your problems may run deeper than the above. And even if you think it may be your line or drain tubes, you may not feel comfortable enough testing whether that’s actually the case. Nothing is worse that feeling great about fixing an issue, only to have it pop up again right away.

When all else fails, don’t be afraid to give professional appliance repair companies a call. They deal with issues like this on a regular basis, and can often make space in their calendar to come in for a repair. It won’t be as quick as the options above, but you can rest easy knowing that the issue is fixed correctly and you will no longer have to worry about your fridge breaking again soon.

When your refrigerator is leaking, don’t despair. You probably won’t be able to function for too long before a fix, but that does not mean you have no options to get it fixed quickly and effectively. Several potential causes could be the underlying issue, and the above fixes can help you make sure that it’s taken care of before it becomes a serious problem.

And if you’re worried that you don’t have the know-how to take care of the issue yourself, contact us. We’d love to come in, take a look, and help you repair your leaking refrigerator efficiently and reliably.