How to Check the Coin Trap in Your Washer

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It is never advisable to let small items tumble freely in your washer. It is not so much that they will cause damage, but more so that they will end up deeper in the system and create clogs. Small dedicates, jewelry, and of course, coins can all end up down the washer drain. As such, most washers have installed areas … Read More

The Seven Ways to Unclog a Dishwasher Drain

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Every dishwasher has a drain. Most dishwashers pull hot water, cycle it with soap to wash, then run fresh water to rinse. All of it, along with the food cleaned from the dishes, goes down the dishwasher drain. Depending on how thoroughly you pre-rinse dishes, your dishwasher may have quite a bit of debris and washed-down sludge to deal with. … Read More

How to Repair a Noisy Whirlpool Washer

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Lately, your Whirlpool,┬áModel #WTW4616FW, top load washing machine sounds and performs as if it is haunted. Sometimes the tub is spinning erratically and sometimes hardly at all, but when it does spin, a high-pitched screeching sound can be heard. It sounds like the tub is full of a coven of drowning witches. If you’ve noticed such things as your washer … Read More