Dryer Appliance Repair: Is Something Wrong With Your Dryer Belt?

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dryer appliance repair

Do you enjoy clean clothes? Is doing laundry one of the top things on your list of things to do every week or every other week? When we say we want clean laundry, don’t we want laundry that is clean and dry? After you wash your clothes in your washing machine they will be cleaned, but what happens when you put them in the dryer and they do not dry?

When your dryer fails or if you have to constantly run the dryer in order to get one load of clothes to dry, you will find your head spinning/ Thankfully, there are some warning signs that you can look for to tell if your dryer may be letting you know something is wrong. Sometimes, the fix can be as simple as changing the belt.

Your Dryer Is Not Saying Anything

If you place all your clothes into the dryer, add your fabric softener, close the door, and press the button to start it, and the dryer does not do anything, you have a problem. You try a couple of more times, but nothing works.

Your Dryer Is Annoying Everyone In The House

Does your dryer sound like someone is beating the drums? Does it make any other noises that do not sound normal? We understand that every appliance we purchase is going to make some sort of noise, but there are some appliances that start to make weird noises when there is a problem. If your dryer belt needs to be replaced, you will hear an unusual noise that can certainly get on your nerves. It is not uncommon for a dryer belt to start wearing out, especially if your dryer is being used regularly.

Start And Stop

This is different from the scenario above because you actually think the dryer is going to work. At some point, you realize your dryer stopped in the middle of the cycle. You press the start button, but nothing is happening. When your dryer started, your hopes were up and now you are left with clean clothes that are not dry enough.

We have all been in situations where one of our appliances gives us trouble. Sometimes the problem can be easily fixed, but other times the problem is more complicated than that. You will not know the seriousness of your dryer’s condition unless you contact a professional repair technician to repair your dryer appliance.

If you think your dryer belt may be the reason for the problems, a professional repair technician can give you an assessment of the belt and the entire dryer. If the problems are coming from the belt, it can quickly be replaced and you will be able to actually dry those wet clothes. You will be able to wash, dry, and fold those piles of laundry you enjoy doing so much.

When you know the signs to look out for, you will be able to save yourself time, money, and stress. You do not have to run to the appliance store and purchase another dryer because there is always a chance the problem could easily be fixed by a professional.

If you think your dryer needs to have the belt replaced or if you are unsure about what the problem may be, contact us today. We can take the pressure off you by letting you know what the problem really is.

If you think something is wrong with your dryer, you will definitely want to have that problem fixed before you run into any other issues. One small issue can turn into a big issue if the problem is not caught and repaired in time.

Don’t Rush The Process: Find The Right Appliance Repair Service In Cleveland

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As you walk to your refrigerator to get a snack or a cool beverage, you step into a puddle of water that is covering your floor. Your beverages are not cold and you notice an awful smell. What should you do? Many people may get frustrated, slam the refrigerator door, yell, etc. The first thing you should do is try to find an appliance repair service in Cleveland.

How are you going to choose the right appliance repair company when there are so many out there? How can you possibly choose one and feel that you have made the right choice? You want to work with a company that is honest, reliable, and affordable. Well, we are here to help you have a successful search.

Before you pick up the phone and call anyone, we have some advice for you.

Ask Friends And Family For Recommendations

Before you call any appliance repair company, you should call people you know to ask for recommendations. If you know your family members, friends, neighbors, etc. have used an appliance repair company recently, you should ask them who they have used. They will be able to tell you if the person the company they called was good or bad.

Many people will not hesitate to tell you if they used a company that provided poor service. They will want the other person to avoid that company so they will not have the same experience. They will also be happy to share their good experiences if the company provided excellent services. When you talk to different people, you should ask them these questions:

  • Were you satisfied with the results?
  • How much are their services?
  • Did they repair your appliance in a timely manner?
  • If you needed another appliance repaired, would you call that same company?


The internet is a fun place, right? It can also be a very informative place. You can search different companies online and look for reviews and feedback from people who have had experiences with said company. You will need to find more than one opinion on a company because one person may have had a bad experience and someone else may have a different story.

You would be surprised at how much information you may be able to find about the company you are considering. You want to find companies that have ratings and reviews from honest people. Finding information like this can save you time, money, and more frustration.

Companies can market their business however they want, but what they market is not always true. People who want to share their experiences will typically use the internet as their outlet. Find reviews of different appliance repair companies, and you will be able to determine if the company is worth a call from you.

More Than One Call

You do not have to schedule an appointment with the first appliance repair company you come across. You certainly do not want to rush this decision. You may be tempted to rush because you want your appliance repaired as soon as possible. However, if you rush this decision and hire the wrong company, you would have to spend more money on another repair or on a new appliance.

Usually, when appliances break down people want to find someone to repair it at that very moment. This will not be a good decision because you will not give yourself time to check the company’s history. Being patient can save you an additional world of trouble.

When you think you have found the right appliance repair company, you should make sure you keep the information because you may need something else repaired. However, this time, making a quick decision will not be so bad because you already know this company is a good one.

If one of your appliances is in need of a repair, contact us today.

5 Things You Should Know About Shopping For Appliance Repair Parts

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appliance repair parts

Ordering new parts in order to repair your appliance can seem like a simple exercise. You find the model number, engage in a quick online search, and purchase the product online.

But too often, that process results in a part that is either too expensive or not what you expected. To help you prevent the most common pitfalls connected to appliance repair parts, here are 5 things you should know about them.

1) Not Every Part is Created Equal

A dishwasher part is not the same for different brands, or even different models of the same brand. Purchasing a General Electric cooling unit will not necessarily work for all GE refrigerators. Knowing which exact part you need is the first, crucial step to making sure that you order the right part and successfully complete your repair project.

2) Knock Offs Can Be Costly

In your searches for the best possible part for your appliance, you may come across an off-brand that produces compatible parts for multiple brands. The price will be tempting, so you may decide to go with that one over the more costly brand-specific alternative.

That, however, can be a grievous error. Knock off repair parts may be cheaper initially, but are almost guaranteed to not work as well with your refrigerator, range, or dishwasher as the parts that were specifically designed for that model. As a result, you may actually damage your appliance, making your endeavor more costly in the long run.

3) Take Into Appliance Age Into Account

Especially if you have repaired some appliances yourself in the past, you know: the motor for a 20 year old dishwasher could look very different from that of a dishwasher you purchased last year. As appliances change, so do the individual parts that are manufactured for them.

Often, the change is more subtle than described above. If you don’t know exactly which parts to order, you may get one that looks identical but is actually different on the inside. Making sure that you are looking for the right part can save you both money and significant headaches in the future.

4) Compare Sources For Competitive Costs

Unless you go straight to the website of the brand of your appliance, you can use multiple websites to compare prices and find legitimate, high-quality bargains. For example, you may be able to find an identical part on Sears, Home Depot, and Lowe’s, but for various prices.

Comparing multiple sources should not be a mechanism for finding the cheapest possible option, which is a great way to run into the issue we described in Step #2. Instead, you should use it to make sure that the site from which you buy the part is not trying to charge more than its competitors.

5) Work With Professionals On The Repair

When in doubt, always engage professionals in your appliance repair and part ordering. They know the pitfalls you can encounter when searching for the right appliance repair parts, and can help you navigate them to find the best possible part for your appliance.

More importantly, a professional appliance repairperson will not only find the right part for you, but also install it in a way that will last you for a long time to come. As a result, you will be sure to fix the root problem causing your appliance’s issues instead of mere symptoms.

Appliance repair is often more complicated than you initially thought. To make sure you get it done right, and fix your appliance to the point where it will serve you reliably for years to come, contact us. We’d love to assist you in every step of the repair project, from diagnosing the problem to ordering and installing the right repair parts.

How to Make Sure Your Range Appliance Repair Is Done Right

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If you’re like most Americans, the range may be the most important appliance in the most important room of your home. Here, you prepare the meals that your family gathers around to enjoy, so you have to make sure that it’s in working order for the maximum possible time.

Of course, that doesn’t always happen. Any appliance can break. When it does, breaking is not a disaster; failing to fix it, however, can turn into one. You don’t want to rely on your microwave for too long, and you certainly can’t afford to buy a new range anytime something happens to it.

So when your range breaks down, you need to get help. And to make sure that the help will actually benefit you both short and long-term, here’s how you can ensure that your range appliance repair is done right.

Listen to Others

Most importantly, you should never pick a range repair company or professional out of a phone book without first doing some research about them. Your family and friends may have needed similar service in the past, and can recommend a great firm to work with.

If that is not the case, the internet is your next best option. Browse online review sites like Angies List, and be sure to check out potential professionals’ profile on the Better Business Bureau if they have one. Never make your decision in isolation; instead, make sure that you find a repair company or professional that others have used successfully.

Determine the Brand Match

Next, make sure that the person or business you’re looking to engage actually has the expertise and experience needed to work with your brand. While range repair requires general expertise, you don’t want your repair professional to be unaware of the nuances required by your GE or Samsung range.

Think about it: appliance repair is a common occupation, but you wouldn’t want your range repaired by someone who only knows how to take care of refrigerators. Why should the same not be true for your individual brand of range?

Find a Partner

Having determined the match in expertise, it’s time for a step that’s almost as important: making sure that you get along well with and trust your repair professional.

It seems trivial, but could be far from it. If you can trust the person you hired, you can leave them alone in the kitchen while they engage in their work or even buy something from the store if need be. At the same time, generating goodwill with the repair professional may result in a willingness to give up tips and tricks designed to keep your range in good shape for longer.

Stay in Touch

Finally, don’t think of range repair as a one-time issue. Even after the professional has ensured that your favorite appliance works again, you still have to make sure that the next time something happens, you have someone you already know and trust that you can turn to.

That does not necessarily mean a thank you card or regular check ups. It does, however, mean keeping the contact information of the professional close by, and making sure that they are the first ones you call if you have any questions about your range in the future. The more you trust them, the more likely they will be to go above and beyond their goal of repairing your range.

In short, range repair should not be rushed. To find the perfect professional to take care of your range on a lasting basis, you have to be systematic, do your research, and do your part. To learn more about what it takes to get your range repaired right, contact us.