Dishwasher Hums, but No Water

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A dishwasher that hums but does not fill with water is usually caused by either a defective water inlet valve or float switch. If your dishwasher’s water inlet fill line features a flood-safe hose, this may also cause the problem. If the dishwasher has not been used for over a week, this can also cause the issue, as the dishwasher … Read More

How to Fix LG Oven F9 Error Code

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If you were planning to cook dinner in your LG oven but your LG oven is displaying an F9 error code, you will probably need to make alternative dinner plans. An F9 error code on an LG oven means that the oven has failed to exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit after five minutes of preheating. There are a number of causes … Read More

LG Washer Code LE (How to Fix It)

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Is your LG washer displaying an LE error code? Then this guide is for you. The LE error code means that the motor in your washing machine is locked. It’s usually due to a simple reason, like your washer is overloaded, but sometimes it can be a more serious issue that takes a lot more effort to fix. Simply follow … Read More