How to Replace a Whirlpool Washer’s Lid Switch 3949247

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If your Whirlpool washing machine doesn’t go into the spin cycle, then its lid switch might be cracked or the internal switch no longer works. Replacing the part means dismantling the machine, but following these steps one by one will have your machine working in no time. Order part #3949247 and get started: Unplug or flip open the circuit breaker. Also … Read More

What Should You Look For When Your Top-Load Washer Doesn’t Drain

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One of the most common, and the most frustrating, problems with top-loading washing machines is when the machines won’t drain. If your Whirlpool LSR5132JQ1 washing machine fills with water but won’t empty even when the lid is firmly shut, here are three potential causes of the problem. Each one is easy to test; all you need is a multimeter and a container … Read More