Refrigerator Appliance Repair / Maintenance 101

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Your refrigerator is one of the only appliances you have in your home that runs continuously, and when its on the fritz you risk spoiling all your food and losing money. Nowadays, most of us can’t afford to let that happen so but all you may need is some refrigerator appliance repair. Here are 5 main refrigerator components and signs of … Read More

Appliance Repair School can properly train your employees

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It happens a lot in the repair business. You hire someone who has experience but his experience isn’t what your thought it would be. Sure he is enthusiastic and he is super with the customers but, when it comes right down to it you need the appliance repair service call to be done right the first time. This is where … Read More

Dryer Appliance Repair: 4 Things To Check Before You Call

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There’s absolutely nothing worse than heading to your dryer with a huge load of dripping wet laundry only to find that your dryer will not turn on. If you’ve found yourself in this little predicament, there are a few things you can do for dryer appliance repair yourself, before you call a repairman in a panic. Power Source By this we mean…check … Read More

Oven Appliance Repair–Troubleshoot Before Making the Call for Repairs

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Once minute your oven is putting out deliciously decadent treats and the next it’s a flop. If you live in Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula, Portage, or Cuyahoga counties and Cleveland, Ohio, you’re in luck. Fred’s Appliance, LLC is a major household appliance repair center in all of these areas and offers oven appliance repair in a flash. There are a few things you can check … Read More