Top 11 Laundry Tips So You Can Breeze through Your Work with Fewer Headaches

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Laundry…it’s a tedious task. Yet we all have to do it each week—many people do it several times a week. There’s a plethora of methods to help you do it better, faster and even save a little money. Check out these awesome laundry tips that we came up with. Remove Stains Immediately You just spilled some spaghetti sauce or ice cream …

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Laundry Tips for Moms from GE, Maytag, and LG

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Moms do a ton of laundry. It seems like with each added child, the laundry pile grows exponentially! How does that even happen? At Fred’s Appliance we wanted to share a blog that would give moms some great laundry tips from the professionals at some of our favorite washer and dryer brands. In this blog post, professionals from GE, Maytag, …