fred's appliance academy

Build your foundation for a successful career in appliance repair

Fred’s Appliance Academy offers a diverse technical training program that covers all aspects of appliance repair. Our hands-on program provides students with the skills and experience to service all major appliances, from washing machines and dryers, to ranges and refrigerators.

Besides technical training, Fred’s Academy focuses on the many other aspects of life on the job. We want our students to be fully prepared not just for fixing appliances, but also for dealing with the needs of customers. We also provide computer training so that our students can learn how to quickly find technical information on the internet, and lookup parts on manufacturer websites.


A three week hands-on appliance repair training course

appliance repair training

Hands-on training focusing on specific products for one week


Hands-on training focusing on maintenance workers


Nationally recognized certifcations for appliance repair


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Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and School Registration Number 13-03-2010T